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Alachene (0.3)
Region: Everyshore
Constellation: Giatole
Sovereignty: Gallente Federation
Planets: 8
Moons: 48
Belts: 5
Ice fields 1
Stations: 5
Stargates: 2

Alachene is a 0.3 system situated between Atlanins and Uphene, both of which are 0.6 systems. This makes Alachene a place of importance. It is a small system with many moons and a large Capsuleer population.



Alachene as a whole is a small system, however due to its position (it is sandwiched between two different, large areas of high-sec) it has become the home of many small-time traders and miners. The presence of certain ores in the system in a high abundance has resulted in a small mining community being formed, with everyone happy to take their share and leave others to it.

Because of its location, the system rarely has any true Pirates outside of the normal asteroid rats. However, occasionally a Pirate does appear, so any actions taken are at your own risk.

The Third Age has Ended

  • Updated: January, 2007

Over the many years, Alachene has fallen in and out of governments and law. However, it is only in the last year that Alachene can claim to have defined "ages" of government, between which the system is a pirate stronghold.

We are currently entering yet another phase of pirate infestation - and as such the period in the systems history known as the "Third Age" is coming to a close with the removal of the local security force and the relocating of the large corporations of the area.

Alachene also has a large population of POS. In fact, all but three of the moons has a POS located on it and as such, traveling to any of the moons in anything other than a Pod is a severe risk. Due to the lack of space, it is advised that moon users do not set up in Alachene.

For travelers, it is advised that you enter the system with caution. Once you have made it away from the gates in-system you will be safe as long as you don't linger too long in the asteroid belts.

A cloaking device is advised for all travelers entering Alachene, as a precaution against gatecamps. Please be aware that one of the local pirate groups has two Gallente carriers in operation.

More current information is always desirable

Mining Prospects

Alachene has four Asteroid Belts and one Ice Field.

Known minerals are Veldspar, Plagioclase, Scordite, Omber and Jaspet.

Known Ice are Blue Ice and Glare Crust.

  • January 2007: Because of the mining community in place, room is tight and as such it is recommended that you do not mine in Alachene. Ratting, on the other hand, you are more likely to be successful. However due to its location ratting is also a favoured pastime of the locals... and a favourite trap for pirates.


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