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Algarbh Zawaia

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Algarbh Zawaia
Headquarters Alkabsi
Ticker ZAWAI
Members 9
Alliance none
CEO Ullissippo
Founder Ullissippo
Founded 23345.802 AD or 19/10/2007
Offices 2 in 2 systems
Shares 100,000
Share Price 1,000
Share Holders 9
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Corporate Logo



ALGARBH ZAWAIA is a small corporation, founded in 23345.802 AD in Court Chamberlain Bureau, a station in orbit of the 8th moon of Irnin VIII, a system of the constellation Throne Worlds in the Domain region, in Amarr Empire space. That office was closed and now its headquarters are located in HZO Refinery Mineral Reserve, in the Jesoyeh system. The founder and present CEO is Ullissippo.

Motto "Bella gerant alii", Wars may be led by others


The philosophy of the corp. is live and let live. Its members are peaceful, but they will respond to whatever aggression with full force. The members are dedicated to mining, trading, manufacturing, research, hauling, pure exploration and, from time to time, agent missions.


The corp. was founded by a group of pod pilots who discovered they did have common ancestors, even if they come from different races. Their common family name is Lusitannis. After much research made by the future CEO, it was discovered they are descendants of colonists that come from the same city, in the legendary planet Earth. In the historical documents found in the house of corp. member Bojador, it is referred that it was in that city that started the organized exploration of the oceans of planet Earth, in pre-industrial times. Since the members of the corp. are all explorers, the name of the city was the first to be chosen. The documents found say that, the city was known by different names throughout history. After much discussion, the future members of the corp. decided to give the corp. the name of ALGARBH ZAWAIA. In an old language of that planet, Al'Garb did mean west and was a region, and Zawaia did mean lake and was one of the names of the city. Legend says that, before the opening of EVE, the city name was changed to Lagos, and the region was known by Algarve, an adaptation to the language spoken in those times, called Portuguese. The region was then member of a larger entity, called a country, whose name was Portugal, which was member of an even greater entity, the European Union, some kind of loose alliance of countries, in a continent of that planet. The flag of the corp. reflects the old flags of those 2 entities.
Being a multi-race corp., the typical religious intolerance of the Amarr doesn't exist. Besides, the Amarr members are or agnostics or atheists, and couldn't care less about the emperor or the gods.


In the long future the corp. is planning to have its own POS in empire space. Moving to, or operating in, 0.0 space is, for the moment, out of the question, being the members pacifists and, more important, completely inexperienced in PvP.


For the moment the corp. members are, besides it's CEO Ullissippo Oestrimnis Lusitanus (Amarr), Aluxbuna al-Andalusi Lusitanni (Amarr), Zawaia al-Gharbi Lusitanni (Amarr), Lacobrigus Ophi Lusitannis (Caldari Deteis), Chelb al-Gharbi Lusitanni (Minmatar Vherokior), Bojador Sahrawi Lusitano (Gallente Intaki), Endovelicous Conii Lusitannis (Amarr), Ataeginae Turduli Lusitannis (Gallente) and Runesocesius Gallaecii Lusitanni (Caldari Achura). The previous two were discovered to be twins, after DNA tests. In the process of creating the corp. it was decided that no new members will be allowed for the moment, except for pod pilots that can prove they come from one of the multiple offspring of the family Lusitannis.

More information about the corporation, it's members and their stories and adventures, and some EVE useful information, check the corp. Website, still in construction. Each member has now a blog.

Important Dates

EVE starting date: 23341 AD or 06/05/2003
ALGARBH ZAWAIA creation date: 23345.802 AD or 19/10/2007

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