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Ascendant Frontier

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Ascendant Frontier [ASCN]
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Executor Corporation Celestial Horizon Corp.
Founding Corporation Celestial Horizon Corp.
Founder CYVOK
Settled Systems TM-0P2, YALR-F, A-CJGE, WAC-HW, 4-OUKF, C9N-CC, Q0OH-V, 0-O6XF, D-FVI7, WX-6UX, G-YZUX, P-3XVV, 6-TYRX, WT-2J9, C-PEWN, QS-530, IPX-H5, 2R-KLH, UD-VZW, 3-YX2D, J-TPTA, PMV-G6, 5-IZGE, 4AZ-J8, 3L-Y9M, O9V-R7, OCU4-R, 75C-WN, U-BXU9, NX5W-U, U1-C18, 6O-XIO, AZN-D2, E-PR0S, TR07-S, VNGJ-U, Y2-I3W, M2GJ-X, JO-32L, UB5Z-3, MSKR-1, UTDH-N, ZS-2LT, DB1R-4, RIT-A7, R4K-8L, GHZ-SJ, K-J50B, 5P-AIP, M-PGT0, NPD9-A, HYPL-V, I9-ZQZ, 0OYZ-G, R97-CI, OBK-K8, ZID-LE, K-9UG4, D4-2XN, 2-RSC7, H8-ZTO, 3PPT-9, GQ2S-8, G-M4GK, MP5-KR, O-N589
Member Corporations 25
Member Total 4289
Date Created 2 May 2005
Updated: 2006.12.21 12:00
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Alliance Overview

Ascendant Frontier was a 0.0-space alliance with a strong prescence in southern space, namely the regions of Feythabolis, Paragon Soul and Esoteria. It was a multifaceted alliance, with operations in many different parts of the game such as PVP, Industry, Mining, Mission Running, Capital Production, and other activities. It was for a time the largest alliance in existence, in terms of player population.

Historical Information

Ascendant Frontier disbanded in January/February 2007.

Ascendant Frontier was founded by Celestial Horizon Corp. and Dirty Deeds Corp. after the siege and disbandment of the XETIC Alliance, of which both were integral members.

Ascendant Frontier was the first alliance to build an Outpost, as well as being the first to have an outpost from each of the races.

Early in 2006 Dirty Deeds Corp. split from the Ascendant Frontier alliance and went off with a few other corps and formed their own alliance based in Impass and called Axiom Alliance. The two alliances still work very much as a brotherhood.

In the second half of 2006 Ascendant Frontier was both the first alliance to launch a Titan, and the first alliance to have a titan destroyed. A monument now marks the location of the destruction in C9N-CC.

Ascendant Frontier disbanded in January 2007 after losing the war against Band of Brothers, and all ASCN space was taken by BoB or one of their renter alliances. Since then, much of the space has been attacked and taken over by Red Alliance and Goonswarm, with small portions also being held by Knights of the Southern Cross, the Tau Ceti Federation, United Legion, and Black Out.

More history is needed here.

Member Corporations

(updated on 1/14/2007)

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