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Azure Horizon

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Azure Horizon
Headquarters Villore VIII - Moon 7 - Federal Intelligence Office Logistic Support
Ticker AZHZ
Members 60
CEO Theodorus The'Scholar
Founder Florio
Founded 2005.07.10
Offices 8 in 8 systems
Shares 2000
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Corporate Logo


The Azure Horizon corporation is primarily a freelance corporation, founded by a group of like minded individuals to enable it's members to undertake various commercial, industrial and military activities. It's eccentric members are mostly from the University of Caille, which caused the University of Caille corp chat channel to seem rather deserted for a while after they left. Members pursue many different activities ranging from PvP to mining and mission running.

Public Chat Channel: AzHz

Currently accepting applications, which will be assessed on an individual basis.


Azure Horizon was founded two years ago. Previously it was part of the Coalition of Empires (CoE). After the collapse of CoE, AzHz threw their lot in with Tenth Legion, but have since gone freelance yet again.

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