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Balancing the Books

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Balancing the Books
Mission level range: 1
Mission Type: Tutorial
Possible enemies: unknown
Steps: 10

One agent per race offers this set of missions. This mission series is geared towards characters who chose the path of trade, over industry or combat.

Agents offering this mission series

"Balancing the Books"

Balancing the Books (1 of 10) - courier
Deliver some Data Sheets to a nearby station.
Reward: money
Time bonus: money
Balancing the Books (2 of 10) - encounter
Granted: Civilian Salvager
Gift From Aura: skillbooks: Social, Diplomacy
Find the 'civilian transport ship wreck' and use the salvager to retrieve a black box. Also, kill the enemies in the area.
Reward: mining frigate
Time bonus: money
  • Using the fitting menu in the station, replace the mining laser with the salvaging laser from your hangar.
  • Leave the station and warp to the system and destination (deadspace).
  • Use the acceleration gate to get to the next room.
  • Kill the pirate, then "attack" the transport ship wreck with the salvaging laser until it can be looted.
  • Return with the black box to the agent.
Balancing the Books (3 of 10) - mining and refining
Fly to the location, mine the only Veldspar asteroid, kill the pirate, return to the station, refine the Veldspar into Tritanium and speak to the agent.
Reward: skillbook: Salvaging
Time bonus: money
Balancing the Books (4 of 10) - encounter
Granted: Civilian Codebreaker
Gift from Aura: skillbooks: Negotiation, Contracting
Use the codebreaker to unlock a data storage device and retrieve the contents. Also destroy mearby enemy ships.
Reward: skillbook: Hacking
Time bonus: money
Balancing the Books (5 of 10) - courier
Granted: Overdrive Injector System I
Take the data chip from the previous mission to an associate.
Reward: Expanded Cargohold I
Time bonus: money
Balancing the Books (6 of 10) - trade
Granted: skillbook: Mass Production
Gift from Aura: skilbooks: Trade, Retail
Find and deliver a Tracking Computer I to the agent.
Reward: Miner I
Time bonus: money
Balancing the Books (7 of 10) - encounter
Granted: Civilian Analyzer
Destroy the pirate ships in the vicinity. Use the acceleration gates to find the ancient ship structure. Use the analyzer to analyze and loot it.
Fly out, dock, and repair if you need to.
Repackage and assemble your n00b frigate to get another civilian gatling gun to double your dps if you need to.
Reward: 1MN Afterburner I
Time bonus: money
Balancing the Books (8 of 10) - courier
Deliver a Central Data Core to a station.
Reward: 1 Limited Social Adaptation Chip
Time bonus: money
Balancing the Books (9 of 10) - trade
Granted: Expanded Cargohold I
Acquire and turn over 2 1MN Afterburner I units. (Note: if you did "Cash flow for Capsuleers" already then you should have 2 in your hangar)
Reward: skillbook: Production Efficiency
Time bonus: money
Balancing the Books (10 of 10) - manufacturing, Important
Granted: blueprint copy: 200 units of ammo
Manufacture and deliver 50 units of ammo (Infrared s)
You will need to mine and refine most of the minerals. You will also need to buy a small amount of rare mineral.
Manufacturing will finish in plenty of time to score the bonus if you only manufacture 50 units. Be sure to mine and buy the needed materials BEFORE accepting the mission.
Reward: an industrial ship
Time bonus: a good deal of money (on the scale of a starting character)
Completing this mission results in a boost to the relevant racial faction (and corresponding derived faction changes based on how that faction is liked/disliked).
This mission directs you to Sister Alitura at Arnon for The Blood-Stained Stars Epic Mission Arc.

Rewards summary

Skill books (includes Gift from Aura)
Social, Diplomacy, Salvaging, Negotiation, Contracting, Hacking, Mass Production, Trade, Retail, Production Efficiency
Limited Social Adaptation Chip
a mining type frigate (type depends on race of agent)
Amarr Tormentor
Caldari Bantam
Gallente Navitas
Minmatar Burst
an industrial ship (type depends on race of agent)
Amarr Sigil
Caldari Badger
Gallente Iteron
Minmatar Wreathe
Overdrive Injector System I
2 Expanded Cargohold I
Miner I
blueprint copy: 200 units of ammo (After completing part 10, you can manufacture another 150 units.)
Amarr: Infrared S
Minmatar EMP S
some Civilian items relevant only to the missions in this series, but instructive how to perform salvaging and hacking.


  • The "Gift from Aura" comes from the pop-up mini-tutorials.

See Also

All of the above are available - in all 4 faction versions - to any character.

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