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Band of Brothers

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Band of Brothers [BOB]
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Executor Corporation Reikoku
Founding Corporation Reikoku
Founder Louisa Torres
Settled Systems 60M-TG, P4-3TJ, Q2-N6W, 9CG6-H, OGY-6D, Z-UZZN, K-YI1L, 3BK-O7, 49-U6U, 8-YNBE, YQX-7U, QY1E-N, ZXJ-71, H74-B0, KCT-0A, G95F-H, 6VDT-H, NDH-NV, QV28-G, 15U-JY, AV-VB6, HMF-9D, 7BX-6F, TEG-SD, 14YI-D, 87XQ-0, ZUE-NS, WMH-SO, G1CA-Y, Y-2ANO, H8-ZTO, 3PPT-9, GQ2S-8, MP5-KR, LX5K-W, NOL-M9, O-IOAI, HM-XR2, AJI-MA, D-W7F0, JP4-AA, FM-JK5, PDE-U3, Q-HESZ, 1-SMEB, M5-CGW, 6Q-R50, ZA9-PY, RCI-VL, MJXW-P, QC-YX6, T-M0FA, 4O-239, LUA5-L, T-IPZB, Q-JQSG, J-LPX7, F-TE1T, SVM-3K, 1DQ1-A, 8WA-Z6, N-8YET, Y-OMTZ, 3-DMQT, MO-GZ5, 39P-1J, HZAQ-W, 7G-QIG, PS-94K, 8RQJ-2, KEE-N6, 5-CQDA, F-9PXR, Y5C-YD, 31X-RE, Q-02UL, 7UTB-F, 5-6QW7, 9GNS-2, C3N-3S, XZ-SKZ, I6M-9U, MG0-RD, TPAR-G, TCAG-3, UR-E46, CW9-1Y, E-DOF2, 0OTX-J, JZL-VB, RJ3H-0, ZU-MS3, PA-VE3, G-Q5JU, Z-M5A1, MVUO-F.
Member Corporations 5
Member Total 1710
Date Created 2005.07.07 17:51:00
Updated: 2006.12.21 12:00
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Member Corporations

None at the present time: the alliance, at least under the BoB name, has disbanded.


Band of Brothers (commonly referred to as BoB) was created during the Great Northern War. During the war, corporations from different backgrounds started to work together in close co-operation. Evolution (Evol), m0o and Reikoku (RKK) were attacking PA in Venal, Tenal and Branch. Whilst the corporations had no political affiliation they worked effectively together and the PA nicknamed them "m0ovolutionkk". The corporations decided to make their own alliance: the "Cookies, Cake and Pie Alliance" (CCCP). This was later changed to "Band of Brothers", and Black Nova Corp. (BNC) was added to the list of member corps. Later in the Great Northern War, Arcane Technologies (ATUK) went to PA space to assist BoB and joined the alliance.

m0o corporation disbanded during the Great Northern War, with most of its pilots going on to join Evolution.

After the war, BoB left the north and later attacked Fountain Alliance, FIX, and Imperium Alliance.

ATUK created the The Five Alliance with Shinra, Supremacy, Black Omega Security and Black Reign, thus leaving BoB. In 2006, ATUK announced it was going inactive with nearly all of its pilots joining the newly created Destructive Influence (DICE), Soon after being created, DICE joined BoB. More recently, TAOSP was formed, recruiting mostly internally from BoB, but also including former Mercenary Coalition pilots and others as well. TAOSP was quickly included in the alliance membership. In the Latter part of 2008, ATUK started to be more active again and recruited The Photon Raiders into The Five.

Band of Brothers were the first group to destroy a unpiloted titan, which was CYVOK, then-leader of ASCN in an Avatar. They have since destroyed an Erebus-class titan owned by Dusk and Dawn. They were also the first group to lose a titan with the pilot still logged in and in control of their ship, losing SirMolle's Avatar to GoonSwarm and Red Alliance on June 22, 2007.

During most of BoB's lifetime, their use of cheating and use of exploits has became known around the EVE community. Indeed, at least one formal accusation of an illicit connection to CCP been made - the "t20 Incident", in which a single CCP employee aided one BoB corporation with the use of several Tech Level 2 (T2) ammunition original blueprints (BPOs) and a T2 interdictor BPO, which had been obtained by illegal means. See and all the dev blogs admitting this.

In February 2009, the Band of Brothers alliance was administratively disbanded. Goonswarm claim to have engineered this, stating that the action was taken by a disgruntled lead director as a 'rite of passage' to join Goonswarm. In addition, Goonswarm claim to have stolen a large amount of BoB assets. While one BoB source has denied this claim, another stated that an investigation was underway with regard to a possible infiltration of the alliance.

Source(s): Game support

Current Status and Strategies

At the time of its disbanding, Band of Brothers was known to own at least eight operational titan-class vessels: two Ragnaroks, two Avatars, three Erebus and one Leviathan.

At the same time, BoB's allies included Executive Outcomes, STYX, Axiom Empire, G00dfellas, Southern Cross Alliance, Blade. and various other smaller alliances and corporations. Some industry and trade was carried out with them. Their allies are sometimes referred to as "BoB's Pets", with the official name for the power bloc being the "Greater BoB Community" or GBC.

The BoB name has now been claimed by a rapidly created corporation, which is suspected to be owned by Goonswarm in order to avoid the reclamation of the name by former Band of Brothers members. Soon after the heroic betrayal of an esteemed former BoB director which led to the disbanding of the alliance, BoB reformed as 'Kenzoku'. Kenzoku comprised many original BoB members and failed miserably to hold onto their old space, which was valiantly liberated by the noble alliance "Goon Swarm". The Swarm left the region in early 2010 due to unpaid sovereignty bills and "Dicking around" (sic) by Karttoon, Alliance leader. GoonSwarm later cited that they "Didn't want that space anyway". Kenzoku was reformed into IT Alliance and BoB finally regained most of its old space back after the Goons had left. However, they failed to dislodge some squatters in the old EXE Region, Period Basis, a hitherto unknown Romanian alliance known as Leguinea R0mana.

According to pricing estimates it was valued close to $200,000 in assets at the time of its break-up.

History of wars

Notable Battles

I1Y May 2009

Known Tactics and strategy used

Known Tactics and Strategy used in the past

Main article: POS Bowling
Youtube video of POS Bowling

Accusations of misconduct

Among other corporations/alliances, Band of Brothers had been accused of using the POS Bowling tactic (as well as having had the tactic used against them). [1] [2] CCP made a declarative ruling that this tactic was an exploit, and shortly thereafter rolled out a patch that prevented the tactic. (See POS Bowling for more information on the history of this tactic.)

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