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Basic Miner

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Basic Miner
Icon miner.png
Type: Mining Laser
Source: Rookie
High slot icon.png Requires a high power slot.
CPU small.png CPU usage: 70 tf
Powergrid small.png Power usage: 2 MW
Required Skills
Mining 1
Volume: 5.0m3
Common, low technology mining laser. Works well for extracting common ore, but not useful for much else.

Until you get a Miner I, this will have to do. It is only 80% as speedy (in ore volume/time) as the Miner I, and has a higher fitting cost (70, as opposed to 60).


Skill Requirements


Activation cost: 10 Energy
Activation time/duration: 60.00 sec
Mining amount: 34.5 m3
Optimal range: 10 km


Name CPU Range Mining
Basic Miner 70 10 km 30 m3
EP-R Argon Ion Basic Excavation Pulse 59 10 km 21 m3
Rubin Basic Particle Bore Stream 66 12 km 24 m3
Single Diode Basic Mining Laser 63 11 km 22 m3
Xenon Basic Drilling Beam 56 11 km 23 m3

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