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Battlecruisers (abbreviated BC) are a recent innovation. Just as Destroyers are a half-way house between Frigates and Cruisers, so Battlecruisers form a bridge bwteeen Cruisers and Battleships.

Like Destroyers, Battlecruisers gain in offensive capability, with more turret slots, and larger Power Grids, but lose in flexbility and speed, making them ideal ships for barrage work, but less suitable for dogfighting.

Battlecruisers also gain bonuses to the use of Warfare Link Modules, making them ideal small gang command and control vessels, able to enhance all the ships in their gang.

Amarrian Battlecruisers

A class of powerful combat vessels midway between cruisers and battleships, approximating the damage output or tanking ability of a battleship- but never both.

The Ammarian battlecruiser, the Prophecy, offers a mix of damage output and tanking. While never exceeding the capabilities of it's battleship class brothers, it can come very close to either with specialized setups. Given it's likeness to ancient birds of prey, it is commonly called "The Golden Chiken", "The Flying Chicken" or a variant therof.

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