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Blood Raiders

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Blood Raiders
Ticker TBR
Size Small
Extent Regional
Headquarters KFIE-Z VIII - Moon 18 - Blood Raiders Logistic Support
Offices 13 in 12 systems
Shares 7536627283
Share Price 7
Share Holders
Activity Military
Partner Thukker Mix
Competitor Amarr Navy

This page is about the Corporation. For the faction, see The Blood Raider Covenant.



The Blood Raiders evolved from an ancient Amarrian cult into a cut-throat bandits that revel in killing and maiming. Considered among the most dangerous and deprived of all pirate elements operating in space CONCORD strongly advices people to stay out of their zones in the Bleak Lands.


Omir Sarikusa



  • Ahremen Arkah
    • COO


  • Tairei Namazoth
    • Chief Scout

Internal Security

  • Raysere Giant
    • Commander


  • Fetz Atlede
    • Chief of Staff

Card Game Version

Card Type : News
Cost : 5

Destroy target ship, then sacrifice all ships you control.

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