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Bloodlines: The Jin-Mei

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The Jin-Mei


The nation of Jin-Mei is the latest addition to the Federation, having joined only shortly before the Galenteans came into contact with the Amarr Empire. The Jin-Meis have a very rigorous caste-system, which sometimes clashes with the liberal ideals of the rest of the Federation. The Jin-Mei inhabit the Lirsautton system in Everyshore and seldom venture far from their homes. But that is now changing with the civil war ragin between feuding Sang Do overlords, leaders of the Jin-Meis.

A typical Jin-Mei male
The Jin-Mei sigil
A typical Jin-Mei female


When the Jin-Mei joined the Federation the social standings of Jin-Mei women were woefully inadequate for liberal democracy. Much has changed since then, not the least by Jin-Mei women themselves grabbing the torch of equal opportunities by both hands and carrying it forward with fervor.

The Jin-Mei male is generally carefree and good-humored, though very class conscious. He is not very curious by nature, rather favouring stability and security. Most put much stock in generating good social appearance.

Base Attributes:

The Jin-Mei have the following base attributes.

Intelligence Charisma Perception Memory Willpower
5 7 6 5 7

Standard skills: Leadership, Learning


Saan Go Caste

The Saan Go caste (translates as standing high) are just below the Sang Do caste in the social hierachy of the Jin-Meis. They are commonly found as governmental officials, administration officers, police commissioners and in similar positions. They are resilient and amiable, generally well educated and possessing good common sense.

Jin-Mei Saan Go Caste
Intelligence Charisma Perception Memory Willpower
7 7 6 7 7

Extra skill: Social Rarely will you come across a more balanced person then a member of this particular Jin-Mei caste. The average in almost every skill, with minor weaknesses in learning Gunnery, Missle Launcher Operation and Spaceship Command. The ultimate jack-of-all-trades of EVE, definately, so be careful where you place those extra 5 attribute points. To keep this ancestry balanced, put 2 points in memory en 1 point in all other skills except charisma.

Sang Do Caste

The Sang Do caste (translates as overlords) is the ruling class in Jin-Mei society. Despite this, they rule with a benevolent hand and most are noble and charitable. With easy demeanor and insightful nature, they have an unparallel knack to inspire loyalty and command others.

Jin-Mei Sang Do Caste
Intelligence Charisma Perception Memory Willpower
5 8 6 5 10

Extra skill: Leadership 2 Only surpassed by the Amarrian Religious Reclaimers, the Sang Do Caste are excellent leaders and traders. They are also very skilled at learning to fly elite ships and above average warriors and pilots. Their weakness can be found in most less combat-orientated skills, and they are the worst around when it comes to learning Navigation, so they are best put to use leading a group of skilled and able warriors.

Jing Ko Caste

The Jing Ko caste (translates as good spirit) is the proverbial middle-class of Jin-Mei society. While most people that belong to this caste toil in obscurity all their life, a selective few of exceptional talent manage to rise above the masses. These individuals usually attach themselves to an upper class patron, which paves the way for them to receive the education and career opportunities they merit.

Jin-Mei Jing Ko Caste
Intelligence Charisma Perception Memory Willpower
5 7 10 5 7

Extra skill: Gunnery The most violent of the casts are the Jing Ko, good at learning skills in Gunnery, Missile Launcher Operation and Spaceship Command. Only the Brutor give birth to greater warriors. They are as good at training Leadership, Navigation and Trade skills as the Saan Go, but are horrible scientists or industrialists. They are also not very good with the module related skills. If you are looking for a great warrior, but don't like the Brutor, the Jing Ko make an excellent alternative.

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