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Bloodlines: The Khanid

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The Khanid


The Khanids were fellow settlers alongside the Amarrians on Athra, better known today as Amarr Prime. During the height of the Amarr Reclaiming the Khanids were swept up and merged into the growing Amarr nation. The Khanids proved themselves as valuable allies to the Amarrians from day one and have ever since held exalted status within the Empire, with only a handful of them ever actually having to endure slavery. The name Khanid was give to the Khanid chiefs by the Amarrians. It means "little lord" or "lordling"; an affectionate term given to a cherished friend. The name stuck to the nation as a whole at some point and even after the Khanid domain was granted to one of the great Amarr Holder families, the family adopted the Khanid name as their own, winning the hearts of the Khanid people over in the process.

A typical Khanid male
The Khanid sigil
A typical Khanid female


The warrior lifestyle of the Khanid males from ancient times has made its mark on the Khanid society. The Khanid female is used to run the household on her own, making her independent and resourceful. Used to make her own decisions, the Khanid female lets no one domineer her and is very much the mistress of her own destiny.

Long before the Amarr Empire took to the sky the Khanid males were recognized as the best ground fighters in the Empire. During the Reclaiming Khanid warriors were at the forefront in the subjugation of the Ealurians, the Ni-Kunnis and the Minmatars. Though physical stature and bravery counts for less today, many Khanid males keep up the warrior tradition.

Base Attributes:

The Khanid have the following base attributes.

Intelligence Charisma Perception Memory Willpower
5 5 8 4 8

Standard skills: Gunnery, Controlled Bursts


Cyber Knights

Many Khanids want to keep their warrior traditions alive, but the only way to do so in the modern world is through massive body enhancements. The extensive knowledge on cyber implants possessed by the Amarrians is just the thing they need. Some still aim to excel in physical combat, while the more progressive ones seek to become masters of modern warfare.

Khanid Cyber Knights
Intelligence Charisma Perception Memory Willpower
6 7 8 4 8

Extra skill: Small Energy Turret 2 Perceptive and strong willed, these are the main characteristics of the Cyber Knights. They excel at training Gunnery, Missle Launcher Operations and Spaceship Command, and are also good at training to fly the elite vessels in the game. They're also somewhat handy when it comes levelling Navigation. Corporation Management, Industry and advanced Trade are not their cup of tea, but that's okay because you would want to put the Cyber Knight in a warrior type role. If you choose your path wisely during character creation, you can even start out with a character with a whopping Gunnery V skill (hint: choose Master Gunnery as a speciality).


A number of Khanids were unhappy with the break from the Amarr Empire. While they never succumbed to insurgence they are now rejoicing the improving relations with the Empire and are hoping the two nations can unite once more. They're willing to do what it takes for that to happen, such as taking on common enemies of the Empire and the Kingdom.

Khanid Unionists
Intelligence Charisma Perception Memory Willpower
7 9 8 4 8

Extra skill: Social The unionists know their way around weapons and ships just like the Cyber Knights, but are not as quick in training them. They are just as bad in managing corporations as the Knights, but seem to be a little better when you look at the weaknesses. They're also a little better in training Social Skills and Trade, so a good role would be that of a warrior who can also make some ISK trading and running agent missions.


The Khanids are not known to be as religious minded as the Amarrians, but when they are they tend to be even more fanatical. Religious Khanids are often involved in a cult of some sort, based to more or less extent on the Scriptures. The Amarrians regard religious Khanids with suspicious interest; on one hand they are alarmed by the extremism often shown by the Khanids, but on the other the religious fervor displayed often results in deep theosophical insights.

Khanid Zealots
Intelligence Charisma Perception Memory Willpower
5 5 8 6 10

Extra skill: Leadership Much like the other Khanid, the Zealots are good warriors; somewhere in between the Cyber Knights and the Unionists. Their worst skills are their Social skills and they're also not very good at training Industry, Mechanics, Electronics and Engineering. They make good warriors, especially when put in a role of Leadership, in which they can handle themselves very nicely.

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