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C9N-CC (-0.305573)
Region: Esoteria
Constellation: 8T-OLH
Sovereignty: Sansha's Nation
Planets: 6
Moons: 10
Belts: 6
Stations: 1
Stargates: 2

C9N-CC is a lawless system out on the edges of the EVE Galaxy that is notable for being the location of the first Avatar Titan wreck in all of the Galaxy. The captain of the Titan was asleep so with no one to man the ship, a fleet of adversaries took about 10 minutes to destroy the Titan. Since the ship was so significant, the wreckage hulk remains in space today. Due to its notability, a Player Owned Station was built nearby, named the C9N Steve Mausoleum.




  • C9N LDLQ Crackhouse, Conquerable station (3) - Cloning
    • Cloning, Repair, Factory, Research

Mining Prospects


  • updated: early November, 2008

This system has been controlled by GoonSwarm since at least August, 2008.

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