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Top 5 Alliances by Membership
1. Shadow of xXDEATHXx SODalliance.png
2. Goonswarm Federation 100px
3. Test Alliance Please Ignore 2200428 300 (1).jpg
4. Intrepid Crossing IRC.png
5. Against All Authorities Icon57 01.png
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Alliances in EVE are the largest player organizations currently available. They are composed solely of player corporations and the members comprising those corporations, with total member counts often numbering in the thousands for the alliances.

Alliances often hold vast sway over regional politics, sovereignty, and economics. However, the ability to exert this power is vastly diminished in Non Player Character controlled space.

Alliances are the main player organizations where war is not only a feasible option but is often required as a means of expanding or defending territory. They are also the only entities where war may bring significant benefits.


The Alliance System

Current Alliance Map

Current Alliance Influence Map

Official Eve Online Alliances Page



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