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You may also be looking for the Graduation Certificate.

Certificates are a new feature of EVE-Online which have been implanted when Quantum Rise was released so that you can show corporations that you are capable doing the jobs that you say you can do.

What is a certificate?

Certificates in the Character Sheet, both Public and Private

A certificate is a thing that says you have certain skills, and can require other skills and/or certificates as requirements. They're shown in the character sheet and have their own browser window where you can navigate around the certificate tree. You can show them to other people if you want. Certificates are not mandatory and do not give you any bonuses or other special abilities.

What certificates don't do:

A few things that certificates don't do, just to clear up a few possible misconceptions:

  • Certificates don't give you bonuses of any kind by qualifying for them
  • Certificates are not achievements of the "kill ten rats" kind, the only thing they care about is the skills you have trained on your character
  • Certificates are not in any way, shape or form mandatory: they're an aid and an extension of functionality, but they're entirely optional
  • Certificates will not make you a better player
  • Certificates are not player-created
  • Certificates will not show the world your skills unless you explicitly ask them to
  • Certificates aren't (currently) removed when you lose skills - once you qualify for something, you stay qualified
  • Certificates don't allow you to set skill queues or any similar functionality

What certificates do

The Certificate Planner
  • Give you a guide to which groups of skills you ought to train when you're starting out.
  • Show you which skills to aim for as you move towards a new ship or way of playing
  • Show you which skills you might be missing in your current job.

Certificate grades

There are 4 certificate grades in the following order:

Basic Certificates

  • Basic Certificates require only a few skills trained to level 3. Almost entirely based on rank one skills, there are some which may require a few rank 2 and 3 skills.
  • All Pilots should have a basic skill certificate for your Starter Profession (i.e. Amarr Soldier). The only way to not have one of these certificates is to be pod killed with more skill points than your current clone has and lose the skill points from one of the basic skills needed, before claiming the certificate. For example, an Amarrian Soldier may lose X skill points in Gunnery Level V. This would stop him or her from claiming the Starter Professions > Amarr Military - Soldier - Basic certificate.

Standard Certificates

  • Need to be filled

Improved Certificates

  • Need to be filled

Elite Certificates

  • Need to be filled

Certificate classes

Full list of certificates

Those certificates reported to the wiki can be found here: Certificate list in alphabetic order.

External Links

Certificates: Planning the Future by CCP Greyscale

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