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Cloaking Device

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Covert Ops Cloaking Device II

A cloaking device is a module which is mounted on your ship in a high slot. When activated it renders you invisible or "cloaked."

When cloaked, you will not appear in the overview, the scanner, or in space. Your ship cannot be targeted, however, you will still appear in local chat. A cloaking device is often be used for espionage or escape. Cloaking devices do not have any capacitor use.


Standard Cloaking Devices

Cloaking devices have significant drawbacks. When they are mounted on your ship, there is a scan resolution penalty. This penalty applies even if the device is not activated. (This is similar to the capacitor penalty on Microwarp drives). When the cloaking device is activated, your ship moves very slowly, cannot warp, is unable to target other ships, and cannot activate any modules on your ship. Once the cloaking device is deactivated, you will be unable to target for a short period of time (9-30 seconds). This is the "sensor recalibration time."

Covert Ops Cloaking Devices

The Covert Ops cloaking devices can only be fitted onto Covert Ops, Recon, or Blockade Runner ships. These cloaking devices have shorter sensor recalibration times and no speed penalty. When fitted onto a covert ops ship there is no sensor recalibration time and on some ships it is possible to go faster when cloaked than when uncloaked. It is also possible to warp whilst cloaked.

List of Disadvantages During Cloak

When cloaked, you are unable to:

  • target
  • warp, except with the covert ops cloaking devices
  • open cans or transfer items from cans
  • access wrecks
  • activate any modules
  • jump
  • reload weapons or change ammo
  • use drones
  • Access Customs Offices


Slot : High
Volume : 100 m3
Reactivation delay : 30.00 Seconds
Powergrid usage : 1 MW
HP : 40

Name Max Velocity Penalty Sensor Recalibration Time CPU Usage Scan Resolution Bonus Cloaking Skill Level
Tech I Prototype Cloaking Device I -90% 30 seconds 30 tf -50% I
Prototype 'Poncho' Cloaking Device¹ -90% 29 seconds 26 tf -45% I
Tech 2 Improved Cloaking Device II -75% 20 seconds 60 tf -40% III
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II -0% 10 seconds 10,000* tf -0% IV
Improved 'Guise' Cloaking Device¹ II -75% 19 seconds 51 tf -35% III
Smokescreen Covert Ops Cloaking Device¹ II -0% 9 seconds 5,000* tf -0% IV
Faction CONCORD Modified Cloaking Device -69.75% 22 seconds 84 tf -28.5% V
Caldari Navy Cloaking Device -72.5% 25 seconds 60 tf -35% I
Dread Guristas Cloaking Device -72.5% 25 seconds 60 tf -35% I
Syndicate Cloaking Device -90% 24 seconds 30 tf -50% I
Officer Estamel's Modified Cloaking Device -67% 20 seconds 108 tf -22% I
Vepas' Modified Cloaking Device -68.375% 21 seconds 96 tf -25.25% I
Thon's Modified Cloaking Device -69.75% 22 seconds 84 tf -28.5% I
Kaikka's Modified Cloaking Device -71.125% 23 seconds 72 tf -31.75% I

*Covert Ops and Recon ships have a 96% to 100% CPU reduction per level on cloaking device CPU needs.
¹ "Storyline" items.

Ships with Bonuses to Cloaking

  • Force Recon Ships can mount covert ops cloaking devices.
  • Covert Ops frigates can fit covert ops cloaking devices.
  • Stealth Bombers are also covert ops frigates that can fit covert ops cloaking devices, get a speed bonus when cloaked, and are not subject to sensor recalibration time.
  • Black Ops also receive a speed bonus when cloaked and are not subject to sensor recalibration time. However, they cannot fit covert ops cloaks.
  • Blockade Runner transport ships can mount covert ops cloaking devices.


Cloaking and Uncloaking

Cloaking and uncloaking takes about a second. As soon as you uncloak, you are subject to the sensor recalibration time. Covert Ops ships and Black Ops ships do not have the sensor recalibration time. If your ship comes within 2km of another object the cloaking device will deactivate. You cannot cloak if you are targeted.



Although you cannot lock targets during the sensor recalibration time, you can start the targeting process so long as it completes after the recalibration time. It is best to try to lock as soon as you decloak.


Since you cannot jump when cloaked, you will need to approach the stargate within 3km, uncloak, then jump immediately. After jumping through a stargate you are always cloaked. If you cloak after jumping through a stargate you will momentarily uncloak then cloak.

Warp bubbles

A cloaked ship is still subject to warp bubbles and interdiction spheres. Note that is a common ploy to place a can in the bubble so that cloaked ships will uncloak when they are caught.

Uses for a cloaking device

A cloaking device can be used for tactical purposes. A cloaked ship can scout enemy ships and locations. It can make it easier to pass through blockades. Your ship can be used to place bookmarks in blockaded territories, or act as a "warp to" location for other ships in a fleet. A cloak can provide a measure of safety while waiting for scan probes. A cloaked ship may also be able to lay an ambush.


While a cloaked ship can ambush another ship, the game is balanced to limit this. The sensor recalibration time limits the speed of the ambush. While Covert Ops and Black Ops ships do not have the sensor recalibration time, they are not very powerful.

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