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Cloud Ring

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Cloud Ring
Sovereignty Lawless
Average Security Level (average security if applicable)
Neighboring Regions Black Rise, Fade, Fountain, Outer Ring, Placid, Pure Blind, Syndicate
Pirate Faction Serpentis
The Cloud Ring is a region located in the north west of Eve, located north east of Outer Ring, south west of Pure Blind and south of Fade.

Cloud Ring contains nodes to several other regions in EVE including Syndicate, Fountain and Placid. Several important pipes cross at F7C-HO and B-DBYQ.



Adjacent Regions


As of October 2008, no constellations in this region have alliance sovereignty.


Source:' This information largely taken from the page.

The deadend system XZH-4X contains the best mineral asteroids, in particular, Megacyte. As such, whoever controls XZH, controls Cloud Ring. G Alliance controlled Cloud Ring and excluded all but their alliance from XZH until the alliance was replaced by D2, which operated with the same people and policies.

Due to disagreement on the future of the region, two Corporations - SteelVipers, which had lived in the area for ages, and Federation of Synthetic Persons - left D2 peacefully to form a new alliance, called YouWhat. Unfortunately, due to a mix up, the sovereignty was lost. People say a GoonSwarm raiding group took notice of the missing sovereignty and the very same night more and more Goonies moved from Syndicate/Outer Ring (where they were fighting with NORAD) to Cloud Ring. A harsh and dirty war erupted between GoonSwarm and their allies (most notably SMASH, which were most likely hired mercenaries for the capital support) and D2 (which decided to fight for Cloud Ring anyway), YouWhat and other friends from the north (most notably RAZOR and IRON) ended after about a month when the final assault of the GoonSwarm went wrong and Band of Brothers invaded the home system of GoonSwarm in S-U (??) to eradicate them. At this point the fighting in Cloud Ring was over and the Goonies withdrew.

In deciding which alliance would be given access to Cloud Ring, D2 surprised many outsiders by handing it over to RISE. Rise, realizing the depth of their situation, were the first alliance to allow outside access to the Cloud Ring resident corporations to XZH. Unfortunately, the old alliance between RISE and YouWhat broke down and war broke out between the two. YouWhat allied to Outbreak, notorious PvPers, and, over the course of a month, took back control of Cloud Ring from RISE. Due to limited resources, Cloud Ring residents lost access to XZH again.

In March 2007, YouWhat decided to side with BoB (Band of Brothers) in the New Eden War. They moved out of Cloud Ring into a better position and Freelancer Alliance took control over 9-4RP2 and G8AD-C (two of the three station systems in Cloud Ring) but never gained control over XZH. After some weeks of skirmishing between FLA and YW, FLA moved out of Cloud Ring, so it was back in the hands of it's previous owner. In November 2007 FREGE took over control of XZH, after 7 days they where removed from XZH by The Reckoning. (Ticker: RECON)

Black Core Alliance (Ticker: BCA) who where allied with The Reckoning. took over control of 9-4RP2.

Fall 2008

R-I-P (Ticker: P0D-U) and Evoke seem to have been pushed out of (or relinquished) areas near the Black Rise and Fade accesses.

GOODFELLAS (Ticker: GODS) briefly established a presence in several systems near the Pure Blind end of the region, but have recently been pushed out by Imorral Dragons.

Current status

As of October 2008: IMDRG (Imorral Dragons) maintains sovereignty over several entry systems to this region, while having no established sovereignty over much of the rest.

Pandemic Legion (ticker symbol: -10.0) claims sovereignty over several systems, particularly between the Fade and Black Rise access points, and near access to Fountain, Syndicate, and Outer Ring.

Elitist Cowards has sovereignty over the Pacid entry system, having recently taken it from Un-Natural Selection.

Evoke maintains a presence in TN-T7T, a dead-end system.

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