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The word "Concor'dokken" is a made up word used by players of the EVE universe.

To be Concor'dokken'ed is to be attacked and destroyed by CONCORD police, as the result of a crime committed in High-Security (Empire) space, particularly if another player has, directly or indirectly, tricked you into committing that crime.

Such crimes are:

  1. Activating an Offense Module that targets a Station, Stargate, or any other NPC-owned, non-pirate, non-neutral structure, or any NPC ship or defence turret (such as a sentry gun) surrounding one,
  2. Attacking for damage, any Player or Player-owned object:
    • that is not your own,
    • when that player has -4.9 Security status or better,
    • when that player is not BOTH a member of your Corporation AND a member of your Fleet,
    • when that player has not given you Aggression or Kill Rights because of theft or attacking your ship first,
    • when that player is not in a state of war with your corporation or alliance.
  3. Destroying a Player's Escape Capsule ("Pod Killing" them) when that player is not at war with your corporation or alliance, OR
  4. Flying in secure (1.0) space while having a Security-status rating of -2.0 or worse. The level of System Security in which you will be attacked decreases by 0.1 system security, for every -0.5 Security-status worse than -2.0


In Japanese 'douken' literally translated means 'motion fist.' This was first popularized by the fighting move 'Hadoken' which first appeared in StreetFighter, meaning 'wave motion fist.' The present use of the word is as a suffix added to the end of a word to signify that you are throwing that person or object at someone as an attack.


Youtube cartoon illustrating someone being Concor'dokken'ed

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