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Dusk and Dawn

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Dusk and Dawn [D2]
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Executor Corporation Omega Enterprises
Founding Corporation Omega Enterprises
Founder Studi
Settled Systems 8S28-3, SY0W-2, VRH-H7, O1Y-ED, L-C3O7, FIO1-8, E9KD-N, 8W-OSE, C4C-Z4, GME-PQ, G8AD-C, HB7R-F, S-B7IT, BKG-Q2, QCWA-Z, 52G-NZ, 5LJ-MD, B8O-KJ, 6-O5GY, YG-82V, 8-4GQM, QXQ-BA, X7R-JW, CS-ZGD, A-G1FM, LXWN-W, KJ-QWL, C-4ZOS, K-8SQS, O94U-A, 4DTQ-K, D4R-H7, 313I-B, EQI2-2, W-4FA9, 1IX-C0, 9-B1DS, BU-IU4, I-7JR4, QYZM-W, 3KNA-N.
Member Corporations 15
Member Total 2157
Date Created 8 April 2006
Updated: 29 July 2006
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Dusk and Dawn (normally referred to as D2) was formed out of some member corporations of G Alliance and TRUST alliance after the two disbanded. D2 alliance is noteworthy due to the fact that in its hayday, it was one of the largest and most powerful alliances in Eve, holding many regions in the northern area of 0.0 and maintaining a powerful military fleet.

D2 became the central power of a re-booted Northern Coalition, formed out of a collective paranoia after the infamous EC-P8R incident. This incident saw the largest fleet assembled in eve up until that point (consisting of BoB, The Five, Ascendent Frontier, and others) deployed in EC-P8R (the doorstep of the Northern Coalition, then consisting mainly of G Alliance and IRON but also others) to destroy the TRUST, a neutral trading power that was widely seen as being supportive of the Northern Coalition. G, IRON, and all their allies in the Northern Coalition - despite forming the largest fleets in their history - were unable to surmount the impossible odds blockading their system and suffered an institution-wide loss of morale and confidence. Shortly after the incident had concluded, G officially disbanded, and IRON packed up and left.

The northern regions then experienced a short period of turmoil, in which organized pirates and smaller factions opposed to the former ruling coalition battled an organization of industrialists and traders (the short-lived Northern Friends Coalition) who were regional residents previously defended by the northern coalition. It wasn't long after these battles had begun that a secret project was announced - the formation of Dusk and Dawn - an alliance rising from the ashes and learning from the mistakes of the past. The idea of D2 was to never let 'another EC-P8R' happen, and to address this problem by becoming a powerful centralized northern fighting entity for everyone to rally around and feel safe next to. The alliance certainly seemed able to live up to this idea, boasting a number of skilled and respected fighting corporations in its starting membership, including the likes of FATE, Euphoria Released, Black Lance, Asgard Schiffswerften, and other warrior clans from G alliance, as well as the skilled organisers from TRUST. Once the alliance was officially formed, its membership stood at an impressive level, even more impressive after it was considered these were mostly fighters - with few idlers and carebears. Many in the Eve community were impressed, and the old northern coalition remnants immediately pledged allegiance as D2 swept the local regions, crushing opportunist factions and consuming the NFC to stand as the powerhouse of the north. The first test of D2 came quickly however, in the form of a rival northern entity that had itself also recently formed - E.R.A.

E.R.A consisted of member corporations from the powerful fighting alliances of The Five and The Forsaken Alliance, who had been brought together after a previous war that first saw the two as adversaries, then partners in a strange twist of fate. E.R.A wanted the north for themselves - and certainly had the will and ability to take it. What followed was a fearsome war, which in many cases due to the recently shifted political landscape saw friend pitted against friend. Of note during this conflict was the decision by CCP - for the first and, to date, only time in the history of Eve - to become involved in a player vs player war[citation needed] by deploying a fleet of Guristas Dreadnoughts on the side of E.R.A, citing the reason that the Guristas did not want D2 to control their area of space. This intervention fell outside of the scope of D2 military plans and halted an otherwise steady progression towards victory, sparking heated debate on the forums. In any case, it was not enough, and D2 forged onwards - pushing E.R.A out of the north with a prolonged attack and securing the entire north once again under the banner of a Northern Coalition.

D2 was tested in a number of wars during its rule, that saw it pitched against foes such as SPARTA and TCF, both of which were expunged from the north after being identified as 'invaders' with an overwhelming force that could be argued (and was in many cases) to be 'unfair'. A noteworthy war of this period was between D2 and Goonswarm, a new alliance at the time that consisted of new players who did not have the character development to fly advanced or powerful ships - instead relying on numbers. Goonswarm decided it wanted a presence in 0.0 space, and waited until a mistake in D2 logistics enabled them to seize the sovereignty of some space in Fade. D2 mobilized to retake the region, but so did their arch-nemesis BoB, who advanced just far enough northwards from their southern base as to be able to fight Goonswarm on Fade's southern border - leaving the northern half to D2 - limiting the military contact of the two rivals as they battled Goonswarm. Goonswarm was eventually defeated and retreated away from 0.0, having installed a fear in many participating pilots and observers that one day in the future their enthusiastic tenacity would combine with an actual ability to utilize higher class equipment - resulting in a very dangerous foe (this has now happened).

Starting at this point or here abouts, corporations began to leave D2, beginning with Euphoria Released, which was so strong that it decided to become an alliance itself. Some time later they were followed by FATE, then Black Lance, causing some to hypothesize about the fall of the alliance and its weakening, or transformation into a 'carebear' alliance. Although leaders of remaining fighting corporations at this time were complaining about the decision making being entirely in the hands of industrialists, it is a greatly misguided fallacy that D2 had weakened to the point of military impotence, which we will see in the following paragraphs.

During the existence of D2 it could be argued that a 'cold war' existed between it and BoB, as everyone knew both were extremely powerful, and that D2 essentially operated entirely under the notion that BoB exists and is a dangerous enemy that will one day attack, and that that day should be prepared for. Almost all of the wars D2 involved itself in were defensive or smaller scale due to the paranoid and defensive mindset inherent in its leadership and creation. D2 and the northern coalition had vivid memories of all previous attacks on the north by BoB, which resulted in the destruction of all entities residing there. This created a powerful bond in the north that seemed to refuse to split, maintaining a military coalition that stretched almost from west to east of the game, and drew the mocking disdain of more battle-hardened players in the south. BoB and D2 pilots constantly involved themselves in wars of propaganda and name-calling on the game forums, and after BoB destroyed the largest alliance in the game - their neighbour and former ally Ascendent Frontier - many observers speculated a BoB attack on the north was imminent.

This did not happen however, and BoB surprised all by instead attacking the 'east', claiming publicly that after an evaluation, D2 was not a power even worthy of consideration, and that more of a challenge would be found attacking the feared and respected 'Redswarm Federation', the 'third' powerbloc of the game that consisted of the seemingly invincible Red Alliance, the highly skilled Tau Ceti Federation, and a vastly improved Goonswarm which had realized all the potential it was feared it might one day possess - and more.

Unbeknownst to BoB however, things were not as simple as they seemed. When they moved east to attack the Red Swarm Federation, BoB triggered a secret agreement between the RSF and the Northern Coalition that required each to launch a counter attack against BoB depending on which was targeted. Because BoB targeted RSF, the NC - with D2 at the lead - ordered the legions of its military pilots and logistical captains to prepare for something 'big'. Before long the war machine was in motion, and D2 had moved a vast attacking force southwards into the BoB region of Fountain - its primary money-generating area. A foothold was quickly established, with D2 fighting BoB residents and attacking starbases. Other NC alliances were sent deeper into BoB space to conduct raids and hamper economic activity. The D2 flagship - the Erebus class titan 'Emily' - was moved to the front line, using its jump portal to aid in logistics. At this time in the game, there were only five such ships, so many were excited to witness a 'clash of the titans'.

BoB were quick to respond, utilizing their two titans to excellent effect, jump-portalling strike fleets to attack D2 sieges before jumping back to the front line in their other engagements in the RSF battles. By this time, other Northern Coalition powers such as IRON, Razor, and Morsus Mihi had been deployed in FIX space, attacking BoB on it's eastern front. BoB members have since described a feeling of desperation at this point, not knowing what could possibly be done in the face of essentially the entire rest of the game fighting them on their doorstep. This was indeed the case, with the largest battle being for a capital ship bay that was thought to be building a BoB titan. It was destroyed after the loss of many dozens of D2 capital ships, although subsequently revealed to have been a mothership - not a titan. This will never be known for sure.

Despite impressive numbers and logistics, D2 had difficulty conducting the war. BoB proved to be a resourceful foe in the flesh, and although the endlessly rich and well supplied D2 was able to seemingly magic replacement dreadnoughts out of thin air in the dozens, a moral hit came with the destruction of the D2 titan after characteristic underhandedness by a BoB spy who took advantage of log-off mechanics in the game. Although some morale was recovered by another titan that D2 was able to magic up as a replacement, things got worse after the Mercenary Coalition was employed by BoB to attack D2 home space. The Mercenary Coalition were skilled fighters who specialized in destroying alliances, and without any Northern Coalition members present to mount a defence, D2's home space fell quickly. The D2 high command called for pilots to focus on the front line, reassuring that all home space will be retaken after the successful conclusion to the campaign abroad. Approximately half of all pilots ignored this however, and flew home to defend their assets. This split in the fleet was devastating to moral all around, and even though BoB was almost at its knees under the combined assault of the entire Northern Coalition and the Red Swarm Federation, D2 was reduced to a shadow of its former self, with the remaining commanders leading fleets to attempt to stop the Mercenary Coalition 'Steamroller' - which in addition to a number of other local opportunist forces - was able to field a staggering-for-the-time capital fleet of almost 100 dreadnoughts.

D2 had lost their space, and after a short reorganisational period disbanded, splitting into three alliances. Mostly Harmless - an alliance of skilled industrialists who made their home in the remote drone regions - and two others. D2 leaders maintain that the end of the alliance was approaching regardless of their military defeat due to rampant internal disagreement.


Traditional Regions Controlled: Fade, Branch
Form of Government: Democracy
Traditional Allies: IRON, Razor, Morsus Mihi, YouWhat
Traditional Enemies: BOB
Piracy: No
Corporations of Note: Cataclysm Enterprises


  • D2 recently laid claim to Branch region, in addition to Cloud Ring and Fade regions.
  • They were defeated in the Great War/Pendulum Wars by various alliances led by the Mercenary Coalition in 2007. This was a response to their attack on the Band of Brothers territory and allies and to knock them out of the war(s). They disbanded shortly afterwards and various entities took their territory including YouWhat & Fallen Souls.

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