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Deadspace is an anomalous type of space present in systems throughout New Eden. In practice, deadspace pockets are primarily found in the context of various missions.

Deadspace has the following properties:

  • Travel into deadspace, or from one pocket of the complex to another, can occur only via acceleration gates. Note you can always warp out of deadspace (unless you are jammed).
  • When you warp to the complex, even if using a bookmark made inside, you arrive at the entrance (within the boundaries of the 'warp within' parameter).
  • Deadspace complexes can be localized via scanning (see Exploration). This is not necessary for missions, as the agent who gives the mission will also provide you with a bookmark for that location, if necessary (the bookmark will disappear once you finish the mission). Note that some COSMOS missions can be an exception to this - you may need to find deadspace complexes for these missions via scanning.
  • Deadspace complexes disappear after a mission is completed, or a few days after they have been discovered via exploration. You can make a bookmark for each of the various pockets inside a mission deadspace and once the mission is done come back and do looting and salvaging. Structures, asteroids, and acceleration gates will be gone, but cans and wrecks generated during the mission will remain after the deadspace pocket collapses, though they will disappear between 60 and 120 minutes after they are generated. Note that this can be risky; there are players who specialize in scanning for abandoned mission graveyards and looting and salvaging them.

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