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Sovereignty Amarr Empire
Average Security Level mostly high
Neighboring Regions Derelik, Domain, Heimatar, Providence, The Bleak Lands
Pirate Faction Sanshas

This is a region of Amarr Empire space. It is closely tied to The Bleak Lands, but also has ties to Derelik, Domain, Heimatar and Providence. 5 of its 8 constellations are high-sec.

About 15% of its (low sec) systems are contested.



At 52 systems, this region is moderate sized. However, it is only sparsely populated, and uneven in the services offered.

The Enka constellation is connected to the rest of the region only by the gates at Mili and Halmah. With Halmah contested, a minimum of 6 transits to other Amarrian high-sec space, and neither factory nor research facilities offered, Enka seems doomed forever to be a backwater.

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