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Tech 1 Battleship
Basic Fitting Information
Powergrid small.png Powergrid 9000 MW
CPU small.png CPU 600 tf
High slot icon.png High Slots 6
Medium slot icon.png Medium Slots 5
Low slot icon.png Low Slots 7
Turret hardpoints.png Turrets 6
Launcher hardpoints.png Launchers 0
Rig slot.png Rig Slots 3
See Fitting for more information.
Basic Combat Attributes
Shield icon.png Shield HP 5469
Armour icon.png Armour HP 6211
Icon max velocity.png Max Velocity 99 m/s


Dominixes, in the Gallente fashion, focus on operating swarms of drones and maintaining a heavy armor tank. Because of this they are seldom equipped with onboard weaponry. They instead rely on wave after wave of assorted drones to kill their targets. Instead of guns, most Dominix pilots equip heavy nosferatu arrays to siphon the energy from enemy vessels and use it to power their armor repair systems. Since typically no more than four nosferatus can be fit on a Dom in addition to it's tank, the other high slots are often mounted with drone range extenders -- called Drone Links.

The Dominix can be treated like a mini carrier. It has the space for several sets of even the largest drones, giving it extreme flexibility in combat situations. The ship lacks the powergrid capacity to equip many weapons, and is often relegated to the role of tank, which it is excellent at. Loading the highslots with four nosferatus, a small tractor beam, and a salvager, the ship becomes a perfect ratting vessel. The basic setup for a tank is almost a requirement on any use of the ship. The midslots should be filled with Cap Rechargers. The Dominix is all about keeping its capacitor full. The lower slots should be filled with armor hardeners, and one or two large reppers. With this combination, the capacitor can be kept full, and the armor kept repaired under any onslaught while the drones tear apart targets.

The Dominix class is also favored by many 0.0 space miners for its ruggedness and number of turret fittings. It has enough CPU to push six Miner II's without requiring any CPU upgrades. As well, being able to store numerous and multiple types of drones in its enormous drone bay comes quite in handy for dealing with unwanted visitors.

Against fellow pod pilots a Dominix can be deadly in the hands of a skilled pilot. Switching the strategy from heavy nosferatus to heavy energy neutralizers, the Dominix can knock out interceptors and other tackling ships' capacitor to nothing in only one cycle. The Dominix then typically gets into web range and keeps them dry by applying a medium energy neutralizer to the target while attacking with light or medium drones. As a solid tanking ship with a varied assortment of drones at its disposal, the Dominix is able to take on a myriad of opponents by sustaining damage while focusing on destroying the opponents' capacitor first while smashing them with drones, causing them to activate their tank. Once the opponent shows signs of no cap the Dominix pilot can then focus on finishing them off.

The Dominix is also a powerful level 4 mission runner. By dint of its five mid slots and seven low slots, it is capable of fitting a powerful resist unit, shield power relay, and shield extender combo. Couple this with a triad of core defense field purger rigs and one can achieve a tank greater than even a Drake. Ordinarily such a setup would cripple a gun-based ship's offensive capability, however the Dominix's massive drone bay means the majority of its DPS is unaffected. This ability makes it arguably better suited for running level 4 missions then a Raven, although it takes longer to train and gain type certification for a Dominix than it does for a Raven.

Description & Bonuses

The Dominix is one of the old warhorses dating back to the Gallente-Caldari War. While no longer regarded as the king of the hill, it is by no means obsolete. Its formidable hulk and powerful weapons batteries means that anyone not in the largest and latest battleships will regret ever locking horns with it.

Special Ability:

  • 5% bonus to Large Hybrid Turret damage per level
  • 10% bonus to drone hitpoints and damage per skill level.

Source(s): Game solutions




Max velocity : 99 m/sec
Ship warp speed : 3.0 AU/S
Ion propulsion strength : 7 points
Base price : 62.500.000 ISK
Tech-2 versions : Sin


Skill Requirements

Recommended Certificates

Certificates are introduced in the Quantum Rise expansion pack.

Blueprint Info

Base price : 62,000,000 ISK



Manufacturing time : 5 Hours
Research material time : 4 Days, 4 Hours
Research copy time : 1 Week, 1 Day, 8 Hours
Research productivity time : 4 Days, 4 Hours
Wastage factor : 0.1

Production limit : 10

Bill of materials


Isogen : 90989 - 74139 / 67399
Megacyte : 1899 - 1548 / 1407
Mexallon : 365722 - 297996 / 270905
Nocxium : 22667 - 18469 / 16790
Pyerite : 1452457 - 1183483 / 1075894
Tritanium : 5806134 - 4730924 / 4300840
Zydrine : 5189 - 4228 / 3844


Datacore - Gallentean Starship Engineering : 32
Datacore - Mechanical Engineering : 32
Incognito Ship Data Interface : 1

Ship's Card Game Version

Ship type : Battleship
Assembly : 3
Cost : 13
Power : 10
Shields : 11

Dominix costs 1 ISK less to play for each ship you control which has an active command.

Patrol 4

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