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EVEWiki:Community Portal

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Here are numerous links made for the betterment of the wiki and things to do outside of the wiki itself.


Outside Links

Eve is one heck of a large community, made even larger by the plethora of community sites out there. Here are the other sites out there.

General Interest

Multi-topic sites that deal with many aspects of the EVE Universe.

  • Podlogs- Free Eve Online Blogging Service, podloggers discussing all sorts of current eve issues.
  • Pluggit- Social Bookmarks for EVE, users can submit any eve related Eve online link to be voted and commented on.
  • BattleClinic- Largest, most comprehensive fansite for EVE-Online. Includes ship loadouts, killboards, new player guides, more.
  • EVEMon- Free open-source skill planner and notifier.
  • Griefwatch- Popular killboards for pilots, corps, and alliances. Rent for ISK.
  • Don't Mix Guns- A blog detailing the reasons why you should not mix guns on EVE-Online ships.
  • EVE Art- A local collection of EVE inspired artwork.
  • EVE-EXTRA- General eve news page
  • EVE-DB- An online searchable database of all EVE items and ships.
  • The official EVE Online site - General info, account creation/management, news, dev blogs, and very active official forums can be found here.
  • [email protected] - This is an EVEwiki that started out as an alliance and corp database but has since become more focused towards general information and resources.
  • Grismar's EVEwiki An EVEwiki with in-game-browser functionality.
  • Goonfleet Wiki This website has many useful guides for getting used to the way Eve works.
  • Eve Online Fansite This site contains all the latest news from Eve Online. Also The site has guides for all the eve professions.

Alliances and Corporations

Special Interest

  • EVE Radio - The site of a net radio service aimed at EVE users.
  • - A collection of humorous quotes from EVE public channels and chat servers. Helps one understand the differences between misnomer and malapropism.
  • Warp Drive Active - WDA is an EVE web comic. Two years and still strong, created and maintained by Winterblink.
  • EVE Meets Lego A forum post with links to pics of many EVE ships built with legos.
  • EVE Pixel Page Every EVE pilot gets 1600 pixels for free. Visualised network of EVE communities.

Internal EVE Wiki Community Portal


Ongoing Tasks

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