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Eifyr and Co.

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Eifyr and Co.
Ticker EC
Size Small
Extent Local
Headquarters Elgoi VI - Moon 1 - Eifyr and Co. Biotech Production
Offices 2 in 2 systems
Shares 202293401
Share Price 78
Share Holders Krusual tribe 22%
Vherokior tribe 6%
Activity Biotech
Partner Republic Security Services
Competitor Brutor tribe



Eifyr was founded by the renowned biochemist Kolvil Eifyr, with a support from the Krusual tribe. The company has often been suspected of developing and manufacturing illegal neural boosters, but nothing has ever been proven. In any case, the operation of the company has always been a mystery to the public, and secrecy always breeds conspiracy theories.


Stawitard Hagirat



  • Jandh Odhillafnur
    • Production Manager


  • Nagalti Vuifnker
    • Chief Advisor


  • Andraldit Rogidi
    • Distribution Manager

Public Relations

  • Frelf Laer
    • Chief Coordinator


  • Ausleinn Stelrakur
    • Chief of Staff


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

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