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Epic Mission Arc

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These missions are included in a multi-chapter arc that spans hours and hours of gameplay. Currently, one one Epic Mission Arc is available, the Sister Alitura mission arc.

The Sister Alitura mission is reported to have a level 1 difficulty rating, and is intended to be of low difficulty and to introduce new players to the ever-expanding universe of Eve. New epic missions, to be added in upcoming expansions, are to be more challenging and approach level 4 difficulty.

Sister Alitura mission arc

This mission arc is available to new players after they complete the career mission arc (see Tutorial Agents), but new and old players alike can talk to Sister Alitura in the Sisters of EVE station (Sisters of EVE Bureau) at Arnon IX, Moon 3 to start the epic mission arc.

Sister Alitura is classified as an Epic Arc Agent, administration division. She offers the following missions, classified as Epic Arc missions:

  • A Beacon Beckons (Epic Arc - Encounter) - one of the simplest missions ever. Go to a location is space (Manarq, no need to scan anything - use the mission bookmark), where you can sightsee some nice objects in space(custom wreckages of Naglfar, Tempest, Apocalypse and Armageddon, and an intact if passive (large colladible object, not classified as a ship) Revelation) there the agent will contact you and give you the following mission (that's the new Epic Arc mechanic - agents contacting you in the midsts of a mission and giving you new objectives and missions!). The site is temporary - it will disappear once you complete the mission and fly away.
    • Reward: ~150k, 0.15% corporation standing boost (at maxed social skills)
  • Agent Inquiry (Epic Arc - Talk to Agent) - go meet an agent in space, Tevisk Jak in Tar. Again, you can warp to agent by using the bookmark - or use the yellow beacon in overview, as this agent seems to have access to one. Tevisk will give you access to the following mission:
    • Reward: ~150k, 0.08% corporation standing boost (at maxed social skills)
  • Of Interest (Epic Arc - Encounter) - go back to the original site (bookmarked again in this mission - and you get to look at the nice wrecks all over again) and shoot a few rats (Blood Raider frigates, 3xCorpii Followers, than 2xCorpii Herald, and finally 3xCorpii Worshipper). Retrieve an item (datacore) and bring it back to Tevisk and you get the following mission:
    • Reward: ~150k, poor loot, 0.1925% corporation standing boost (at maxed social skills). Tevisk is one of the few agents currently working for ORE, so standings collectors may take a note :)
  • Retrieving Red (Epic Arc - Encounter) - warp to a bookmarked location in Tar, shoot a few pirates (4xCorpii Worshipper, 2xCorpii Raider), retrieve Red and bring him back to Tevisk
    • Reward: ~125k, 0.% corporation standing boost (at maxed social skills).

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