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Eve Online Devs

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Handle Title Name
ActiveALLI Senior Web Engineer
Admiral Chamrajnagar DB Admin
AgentZero Organized Play Coordinator, CCP North America
Brokkur Helfari Game Designer
CCP Abraxas Writer
CCP Hammer Game Designer
Code Monkey Software Engineer
duckling Marketing Rep
Eris Discordia Content Department
finnz. QA Department
Garthagk Software Engineer
Ginger. Event Coordinator
GM Arkanon Senior Game Master
GM Ender Lead Game Master
GM Fate Senior Game Master
GM Grimmi Senior Game Master
GM Panzer Senior Game Master
GM Wyrm Senior Game Master
Gnauton Editor
Hellmar CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson
Hunter QA Department
Jiekon QA Department
Kieron Community Manager Charles Dane
LeKjart Managing Director CCP Asia Kjartan Pierre Emilsson
LeMonde Content Developer
lickspittle Software Engineer
Major Gormur Systems Administrator
Mandrake QA Department
Mephysto QA Department
mxmus CMO
Nag Lead Illustrator / Artist
Nozh QA Department
Oneiromancer QA Department
Oveur Senior Producer
Oveur Senior Producer Nathan Richardsson
Pann Community Communications Manager
Papa Smurf Senior Network Programmer
porkbelly Senior Software Engineer
prepH Chief Technology Officer Halldór Fannar Guðjónsson
RealX GM Sound Engineer/Composer
Redundancy Graphics Programmer
Sharkbait QA Department
Skellibjalla Game Designer
SoniClover Senior Game Designer
t0rfiFrans Technical producer
t20 UI Programmer
Tanis. QA Department
TomB Lead Game Designer
Traveler UI Programmer
Tuxford Game Designer
Ulfrr QA Manager
Ulfrr ? Quality Assurance Manager Leifur Bjornsson
Valar Database admin, Server operations team
Veritech Programmer
Wrangler Assistant Community Manager
Xicon Publisher, EON
Zapatero Editor, EON
Zond 3 Video Producer
Zrakor Senior Content Developer
Zulupark QA Department
? Lead Programmer Matthias Gudmundsson
? Creative Director Reynir Harðarson
? COO Jón Hörðdal
? CMO Magnús Bergsson
? Art Director Kári Gunnarsson
? Chief Financial Officer Ívar Kristjánsson

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