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Firmus Ixion

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Firmus Ixion [FIX]
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Executor Corporation Fix Holding Company
Founding Corporation Fix Holding Company
Founder Finite
Settled Systems {{{settled_systems}}}
Member Corporations 6
Member Total Approx 400
Date Created 24 November 2004
Updated: 23 Jun 08
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About Firmus Ixion

Long Name: Firmus Ixion
Short Form: FIX
Description: Firmus Ixion(FIX) is an alliance born from conflict in the Querious region. FIX is _the_ oldest continuous alliances in the Eve Universe coming into existence on 24 Nov 2004. They were formed immediately prior to the Fountain Alliance(FA)/Confederation of Free Stars(CFS) war in order to protect the interests of corporations in Querious who were neither FA nor CFS. FIX holds honor above any other in-game aspect.
EVE Info Page:
Contacts: Latch, Olav and CJ70


Traditional Regions Controlled: Querious, Great Wildlands, Drone Regions
Form of Government: Republic
Traditional Allies: Band of Brothers, Veritas Immortalis
Traditional Enemies: Numerous
Piracy: FIX does not engage in piracy in any form anywhere and offers safe passage to neutrals in lowsec.
Corporations of Note: Dark Centuri, Swedish Aerospace Inc, KDM, Convergent, Xoth Inc, Hunters Agency


Stations: A number of Alliance built Outposts which are currently in enemy hands.
Mining: FIX has a sizable mining fleet which engages in regular scheduled operations to enable pilots to generate the wealth to replace combat losses and also to fund capital ships and other war matériel for the Alliance.
Manufacturing: FIX has a powerful industrial body capable of producing almost anything, anywhere at a discount to Alliance members, including all capital ships.


Military: Formed out of the Querious Defense Force (QDF) which was founded to protect the region of Querious from intruders. The QDF was founded outside the CFS, which had proven incapable of thwarting attackers. During the FA/CFS war the QDF spawned FIX, the governing body of Querious. The FIX military is known for honor, discipline and determination. The FIX military will attempt to peacefully resolve issues with unknown entities and will attack known enemies with fervor.


History: FIX was formed during a time of conflict in the southern regions of the EVE universe. Conflict between FA and the United Free Stars(UFS) (made up of the CFS and underling alliances) forced the Querious Defense Force, which was made up of both FA and former CFS corporations, to choose sides. Instead of choosing direct sides the QDF leadership decided that the group making up the QDF was strong enough to stand on its own.

This left the UFS without many capable corporations which they had traditionally considered friends and thwarted their efforts to evict Fountain Alliance from the southern regions. The QDF was able to quickly organize into Firmus Ixion and create a representative government during the war. As such, many of the processes and representatives of Firmus Ixion are capable for sustaining long periods of conflict.

A detailed account of early events can be found at:

Current Events

Great War/Pendulum Wars: In the Great War/Pendulum Wars they have been an active member of the "Greater BOB Coalition (GBC)" with their main allies, the Band of Brothers. In the begining of the conflict they were able to hold off groups such as the Imperial Republic Of The North (IRON), Razor Alliance and others after they tried to take their outposts in Querious. With the help of their allies and the timely intervention of the Mercenary Coalition with various alliance groups going to the north to attack the invaders home territory, FIX gained some respite. During their respite, they sent some of their fleet up North to help the alliance group take territory. The Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate and their allies Against All Authorties also attacked Querious from Catch and managed to gain one of their outposts (albeit a less important one) before being driven off with help from the GBC.

However the anti-GBC/pro-Goons Coalition (split into the entities of Northern Coalition & Southern Coalition) gained control of all FIX territory in Querious. FIX moved to the Great Wildlands to fight alongside Veritas Immortalis against FA and Tau Ceti Federation. One or two member corporations of FIX left the alliance including Black Avatar in 2007.

Recent Events. In April 08, FIX was aided by allies Roadkill, SMASH and ATLAS and successfully seized control of the Oasa pocket in the Drone Regions. Sovereignty was held for a short time however a number of events elsewhere in Eve lead to the loss of the area. Goons conducted a well supported campaign against FIX alliances which saw the fall of the BWF-ZZ system from SMASH control. Solar Fleet took advantage of the disruption caused and sieged Oasa systems with a large Capital Fleet and to their credit were able to maintain supremacy over a number of timezones. Solar Fleet replaced FIX towers with their own, reclaiming sovereignty.

The order was given to regroup and FIX is currently operating from the fringes of empire conducting repatriation and reconstitution tasks after almost 2 years of continual open warfare.

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