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Farming asteroids

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A GM has now verified how asteroid respawn works. The old theories about farming and grooming belts to maintain and grow the high-end rocks has been debunked:

Popping an asteroid doesn't affect regeneration. When you mine an asteroid down, whether it be to a pebble or nothing at all, its ore gets respawned elsewhere in the EVE world. It will regenerate in your own system when it's depleted elsewhere, though due to the mechanics of the regeneration (which I can't go into) it may take a while for the asteroid to resume its former size. There's no rhyme or reason to how quickly it'll respawn; it depends completely on how much ore of that type is mined elsewhere, and where in the respawn order your belt happens to land.

Best regards,
The EVE Online Customer Support Team

When asked for clarification, about some points, that being if a belt had 20 rocks say if their 'placeholders' (the rock) was always there or replaced by a lower type or downgraded by another type if that type was consistently 'popped,' the response was:

The placeholder is always there, yes, and the ore that eventually respawns will be of the same type. I had a chat with some of the devs about this recently and was told that the mechanics of spawning might well be changed in the near future, but you won't see any difference on your end: The asteroids will regenerate like they used to. I got the above information from them as well.

Best regards,
The EVE Online Customer Support Team

Basically, not popping rocks has zero effect on regen, it's the 'quantity' of ore mined that gets redistributed back into the game pool from all eve, which is then regen'd AT RANDOM, to all belts in eve.

If a belt is due to get 2k say regend it'll get 2k regened where that be into 1 rock 'placeholder' or into 20 unpopped rock 'placeholders', they are NEVER replaced or downgraded for a different type, so if a belt had 20 rocks of ark it'll always have a min of 20 ark 'placeholders' only 18 may respawn next DT because of the quantity sent to the belt, 2 being dormant which may appear next DT they haven't gone there just wasn't enough allocated to them to make them appear this regen cycle.

If there were 20 unpopped rocks in a belt, then the 2k would be distributed between them, and no additional amount would be sent into the belt, you just end up with a lot of small rocks.

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