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Freedom Must Not Prevail (1/1)(L2)(Minmatar Republic)

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Mission briefing

Freedom Must Not Prevail (1 of 1)
Mission: Freedom Must Not Prevail
Mission Type: Normal
Agent Type: unknown
Offering Faction: varies
Mission Level: 2
Objective 1: Kill
Mission Space: Encounter
Enemy 1: Minmatar Republic
Steps: 1

A few Minmatar terrorists, belonging to the despicable organization calling themselves 'The Freedom Fighters', managed to get by security and are approaching one of our slave compounds within this system. Their goal is undoubtedly to capture some of our slaves and release them onto the streets! Fortunately we spotted them before they could finish their mission. I want you to go out there and destroy them. I'll upload the coordinates of their current location into your NeoCom if you accept this mission.


Amarr Empire agents.

Overview and Objectives

The following objectives must be completed to finish the mission:







The following rewards and bonuses will be yours if you complete this mission:

  • 68k isk
  • 61k isk within 96 minutes.

Loyalty Points



Mission Text



  • Couldn't accept this mission since would hurt my Minmatar standings too much. Need someone else to fill in the blanks.
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