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The Gallente.

The Gallente are one of the four playable races in EVE-Online. They are ruled by the Gallente Federation, a democratic body. The Gallente people value individual rights and have a free and open society, although this sometimes brings them into conflict with those who do not share their lofty ideals.


Gallente tend to place high value on entertainment, comfort and luxury, and many Gallentean citizens are among the wealthiest individuals in New Eden. Among the Gallente citizenry are also many who are abjectly poor. The Gallente Federation is an amalgamation of several different populations, although the Gallente, of French descent, are the most numerous. There are citizens of practically every descent found in New Eden found within the boundaries of the Gallente Federation.

The Caldari had once been part of the Federation, and share a home solar system with the Gallente, but eventually the many differences and rivalry between the two resulted in a bitter war. Neither was able to establish an upper hand, however, and as such a tenuous peace was eventually established. With the introduction of the Empyrean Age expansion, this peace has been shattered and the two empires are again at war.


Gallente players are able to choose from three bloodlines. The Jin-Mei bloodline was added in a patch after the launch of EVE-Online.

  • The Gallente: The beating heart of the Gallente Federation, Gallente are courageous and resourceful. They are strong in Charisma and Perception, but weak in Memory and Willpower.
  • The Intaki: With a contemplative manner, the Intaki are commonly found in the Federation's bureaucracy. They are strong in Intelligence and (to a lesser degree) Memory, but very weak in Perception.
  • The Jin-Mei: A rather new addition to the Federation, the Jin-Mei have only recently begun spreading into the Federation from their home planet in Lirsautton. They have fairly balanced statistics.

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