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Ganking or suicide ganking refers to a specific tactic employed by some pirates who attack other players in high security systems.

Eve is divided into areas of space, each with its own security level, which ranges typically from 0.0 to 1.0. Areas of space with Security Levels of 0.5 or higher are permanently guarded by the extremely powerful international NPC faction, CONCORD, who intervene within seconds to destroy any player ship which has initiated unauthorised warfare (for what constitutes authorized warfare, see war, factional warfare, and kill rights).

CONCORD, however, doesn't attack thieves - players who steal from other players space objects (such as can or wrecks). Suicide Gankers therefore use cargo scanners and passive targeters to find a particularly juicy target (with cargo of at least dozens millions isk, and likely, hundreds if not billions), then fleet together in cheap, disposable ships often equipped with plasma bombs or other high-damage weapons. They then warp in and together attempt to destroy the target before Concord warps in to neutralise the attackers (which it always does). Other strategies have been used, including teams of as few as two pirate gankers - one two destroy the enemy and sacrifice their ship, other to haul the loot away

Suicide ganking is becoming more popular in Eve as a player-invented "challenge" - to take down a high-value player ship in the few seconds the gankers have before Concord destroys the antagonists.

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