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GoonSwarm [OHGOD]
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Executor Corporation GoonFleet
Founding Corporation GoonFleet
Founder Remedial
Settled Systems none
Member Corporations 3
Member Total 23
Date Created 3 July 2006
Updated: February 4, 2010
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Alliance Overview

GoonSwarm is a small alliance that used to contain the largest single corporation in-game, GoonFleet. They used to control the South and South East with allies Zenith Affinity, Pandemic Legion, and Rebellion Alliance. Their primary enemies in the south were Stain Empire, Red.Overlord, Against All Authorities, IT Alliance and any alliance, corporation or individual who identifies themselves as tenants, vassals or allies of these alliances, e.g. Styx, Ushra'Khan, G00DFELLAS, C0VEN. As of October 2010, GoonSwarm controls Deklein, replacing the previous owners TCF.

GoonSwarm was (in)famous for utilizing "zerg-like" tactics against their enemies with smaller ships such as T1 cruisers and frigates, willingly sacrificing a dozen or more small cheap ships to destroy a single Heavy Assault Cruiser or T2 fitted Battleship. This is partially due to the fact that they have a constant influx of new, inexperienced players without the skills or resources to buy and fit Tech 2 ship or modules, but also due to their rejection of 'kill:death ratio' statistics as a worthwhile marker of alliance strength. GoonSwarm members commonly argue that whilst tracking numbers of ships killed and lost is useful for forum posturing and self-congratulation, it has little bearing on 0.0 warfare where what matters more is the ability to take and control territory, harass hostile industrial and economic operations, and to break the morale of enemy pilots. This was most graphically demonstrated during the war against Lotka Volterra in early 2007, where despite maintaining a very positive kill:death ratio Lotka Volterra lost every one of their stations over a period of seven weeks, disbanding shortly afterward. However, whilst Goonswarm still encourage their newbie playerbase to fly very cheap and easily replaceable frigates, they have a strong force of high-SP pilots able to deploy T2-fit battleships, carriers and dreads for fleet operations if required.

Two member corporations within Goonswarm, Goonfleet and The Greater Goon (Now no longer part of the alliance), recruited the majority of their members from the forums, where they hold regular 'newbie drives' where they encourage non-players to try out EVE Online and join their corporation - members of the Something Awful forums are referred to as "goons" even outside of EVE, and 'Goonsquad' organisations exist in other MMORPGs such as Second Life and World of Warcraft, although for the most part these guilds are made up of different players than those in Goonswarm. Goonfleet and The Greater Goon have no minimum skill point requirements, although other member corporations within the alliance have varying criteria for accepting or rejecting applicants.

On January 24th 2008 Goonswarm announced the construction of their first Titan, an Erebus-class vessel piloted by Goonfleet director Deadtear. Goonswarm unveiled two new titans on May 15th 2008, another Erebus-class piloted by 0mega and an Avatar-class under the command of Lord Azrael. 4 days after, Deadtear's Titan was lost in combat, a swarm of ships and the ever-present lag preventing its exit. In July 2008, Goonswarm unveiled a fourth titan, an Avatar flown by Omec, who has since achieved his personal best of 110 ships destroyed during a double-doomsday assault (Battle Report).

On February 3rd, 2010, a GoonSwarm director kicked all corporations of GoonSwarm except for the wallet holding corp, and transferred the alliance and Goonfleet funds that he had access to into his own wallet. GoonSwarm reformed as GoonSwarm Federation under the leadership of The Mittani.

Source(s): Game solutions


GoonSwarm was founded in summer 2006 as Goonfleet and associated corporations broke off from The OSS in good faith to go their own way. In late June 2006 and almost immediately after forming, GoonSwarm went to war with Dusk And Dawn over the XZH-4X system in Cloud Ring. After a grueling war, Dusk And Dawn eventually bested GoonSwarm in early August 2006 and GoonSwarm retreated back to Syndicate.

Shortly after this, Band of Brothers and the Mercenary Coalition declared war against GoonSwarm and invaded Syndicate for approximately two and a half weeks, effectively immobilizing GoonSwarm in the JQV constellation. GoonSwarm then shifted tactics, creating an entire fleet of characters with the moniker "VCBee XXX" with XXX being a random number. Using these throwaway VCBee characters that cost next to nothing when killed, GoonSwarm engaged in guerrilla warfare against Band of Brothers, both in 0.0 and empire. GoonSwarm also declared war on IRON, RAZOR and a host of other alliances in an act of defiance.

After Band of Brothers moved out of the region, after realizing that continued warfare against freshly created characters was pointless, GoonSwarm waged a short but successful campaign against Black Reign Syndicate in an attempt to remove them from Lower Syndicate. Shortly after, GoonSwarm moved to the South, abandoning Syndicate and moving in as roommates with Red Alliance. Without slowing, GoonSwarm moved to take Wicked Creek, Scalding Pass, Detorid, Tenerifis and Omist away from the Southern Coalition, consisting of Lotka Volterra, Veritas Immortalis and Knights Of The Southerncross.

One of the largest battles in EVE took place on GoonSwarm's watch, where a combined GoonSwarm and Red Alliance fleet destroyed fifteen dreadnoughts and a carrier owned by Lotka Volterra at Planet 2 Moon 1 of the DG-8VJ system, which were engaging in a POS assault against a GoonSwarm tower. Only a couple of weeks later, Tau Ceti Federation performed a strike against Planet 4 Moon 1 of the JV1V- system in Tenerifis, which contained a capital shipyard housing an incomplete Titan that was still in production. After many attacks and counter-attacks against this capital shipyard, with the final climax taking place over seven hours, one thousand pilots and over ten node crashes, Red Alliance, Tau Ceti Federation and GoonSwarm jumped their entire dreadnought force into the system and destroyed the tower, thereby aborting the Avatar-class Titan before it was complete.

After the dissolving of Lotka Volterra, GoonSwarm attempted to make their newly acquired regions (Omist, Detorid, Tenerifis) profitable by opening up a "Free Trade Zone" where access to ores and NPCs was granted as long as POS fuel was delivered in a timely fashion. However, this project was ended with the loss of Omist and the contesting of Tenerifis by Band of Brothers, as neither region were economically feasible to hold on to, with some station systems ranging into 70+ moons. The Free Trade Zone was later transferred to the control of Tau Ceti Federation in Wicked Creek.

At the time Motherships and Titans proved to be an unbeatable force, as they were virtually impossible to tackle. BoB used this to their full advantage, pushing GoonSwarm back with forces spearheaded by Shrike - SirMolle's Avatar pilot. Abuse of supercaps was rife, with constant doomsdays and "POS-bowling". Band of Brothers continued to push on Tenerifis for weeks, taking the 9-98 and XZH stations from GoonSwarm. As BoB began their invasion of the station in JV1V it looked like GoonSwarm was doomed.

In June 2007 CCP deployed the Revelations II expansion with several changes to 0.0 warfare. In particular supercaps could now be tackled by interdictors. Within days of this deployment the course of history changed significantly... Band of Brothers suffered a major loss at the hands of GoonSwarm and Red Alliance, losing SirMolle's Avatar-class Titan in what was the first kill of a "live" Titan (where the pilot was logged in and actively defending himself, as opposed to the ship being probed-out after the pilot logged out). As forces moved into place to fight over JV1V towers coming out of reinforced, Shrike attempted to doomsday a GS reinforcement fleet in 46DP. He after the DD he cloaked above the 9-98 gate. Hrin - a GS member - burned up and decloaked the Avatar, which was quickly tackled as allied forces streamed in to support. Within minutes GoonSwarm and Red Alliance jumped multiple capitals onto the besieged titan. In game footage and Goonswarm's Teamspeak recording of Shrike's death can be seen and heard at [1]

The killing of Shrike proved to be a turning point in the conflict, and throughout the remaining months of 2007 Goonswarm and its coalition partners gradually pushed back the Band of Brothers-led alliances. First out of Tenerifis, then Omist, Feythabolis, Esoteria, Paragon Soul, Providence and Catch, before the invasion of Delve began in early 2008. Without the ability to abuse supercapitals BoB gradually ceded their huge territory to the GS coalition and fell back to Delve. Progress in Delve was initially made with the capture of the QY6 station but later stalled. The invaders failed to conquer N0L-M9, backed by Band of Brothers' deployment of 8 Titans under a cynojammer.

In May 2008 Goonswarm called a halt to the Delve campaign and turned its attentions to the Drone Regions and Geminate where an alliance of SMASH, R0ADKILL, ATLAS, Veritas Immortalis and FIX threatened to take the space of their allies in Ethereal Dawn and Intrepid Crossing. Whilst Red Alliance quickly evicted FIX and Atlas from their drone region territories, Goonswarm shrugged off the loss of their first Titan and moved into the N-K4Q0 NPC constellation in Geminate, assaulting and breaking Roadkill's IPS-QB Sov 4 constellation in two weeks whilst killing over 30 hostile capital ships. Roadkill and SMASH resistance effectively crumbled at this point, and the remaining territory in Geminate quickly fell with little more than token resistance. Both Roadkill and SMASH disintegrated with the loss of their space, many of the corps joining ATLAS Alliance.

With Geminate pacified and Goonswarm, KIA Alliance and Daisho Syndicate dividing the region between themselves, the alliance returned to the south and commenced a fresh campaign against Stain Empire and C0VEN who had taken advantage of the northern deployment capture systems and moon mining operations. Stain Empire immediately proved to be a more stubborn foe than SMASH, unveiling an Avatar titan flown by Armitige, and killing 40 Goonswarm and Tau Ceti Federation capital ships whilst losing 14 of their own in a battle in C9N-CC on 15th July 2008. The next few months saw ATLAS Alliance move south into Stain alongside Stain Empire and COVEN, and several battles erupted over station systems and r64 moons in Esoteria as ATLAS made incursions into Goonswarm territory.

Skirmishes continued throughout GS territory for most of 2008. Despite mixed success GoonSwarm held their space against the Stainwagon and Atlas attacks. Later in the year a disagreement over a static complex exploded into a feud with nync, a Red Alliance FC. Nync left RA to form Red Overlord, with the aim of taking GS space to run as his own.

This was followed by an announcement by AAA leader Evil Thug. After a long period of coexistance Against All Authorities reset GoonSwarm, claiming a desire for 'good fights'. They launched an immediate attack on the constellation containing the AZN station, which was repulsed after only the first weekend. A back-and-forth continued for several weeks, with both sides attempting and failing to take space from the other. The C9N station was eventually lost to Stain following a catastrophic stront timing error, paving the way for StainWagon to push further on GS' money moon income in Esoteria.

As 2008 drew to a close, Band of Brothers decided to take advantage of the turmoil the south to launch their own campaign against GoonSwarm in revenge for the attack on Delve earlier in the year. As new year arrived GoonSwarm were besieged by StainWagon and ROL in Esoteria, by AAA in Tenerifis and BoB in Detorid.

BoB succeeded in taking the DG- station in Detorid, but narrowly failed to break constellational sov as the NC arrived to GoonSwarm's aid. The war progressed with little territory changing hands. GoonSwarm continued to haemorrage it's r64 moons (and most of it's raw income) to StainWagon in the south-west as they successfully defended the opposite end of their territory from BoB and AAA. The defenders could not dislodge the invaders, although GS did manage a surprise counterattack on the BoB capital fleet, killing dozens of dreads and carriers with a sniping dreadnought force.

In early February of 2009, the deadlock was suddenly broken. Out of nowhere Haargoth Agamar triggered the disbanding of BoB, causing all their sovereignty in their home regions to drop and all defensive bonuses to vanish. Adding insult to injury he transferred the majority of BNC isk and assets to GoonSwarm, who recieved a large quantity of the materials being used to invade Detorid. According to RMT research site | mmobux this was the 2nd biggest one-day currency gain by any individual in EVE to that date.

The GoonSwarm directorate saw this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to destroy their most hated enemy. Without hesitation Darius Johnson ordered the invasion of Delve. GoonSwarm would abandon their beleaguered territory and take BoB's home, or die trying. Backed by the NC and Pandemic Legion, a full scale invasion was underway within a day.

The former BoB corps reformed under the name of 'KenZoku' and issued a recall to defend their home. The AAA coalition were slow to follow them, preferring to harass GoonSwarm members evacuating their space in preparation for taking a new home. With limited allies KenZoku were quickly overwhelmed. Lacking cynojammers to protect core systems, capital ship yards quickly fell to massed coalition ships. The final blow was dealt as KenZoku formed to defend a capital yard in west Delve. SirMolle jumped his Avatar into system and attempting to move inside a POS shield. He was quickly spotted, tackled and eventually killed. The titan loss - his 2nd to GoonSwarm and 4th in total - was quickly followed by the death of Waaagaaa Klethr's Aeon and the loss of the capital yards they gathered to defend.

KenZoku was virtually broken by this fight, eventually camped into the PR- station for a month as their former home burned around them. Finally, after a month of camping enough people got bored and KenZoku was able to breakout, but by then much of Delve was under GoonSwarm and allied control. KenZoku eventaully regrouped with AAA to take back 49-U, but were ousted after an extended conflict. GoonSwarm wrapped up control of Delve and Querious by Summer 2009, with allies Pandemic Legion taking ownership of Fountain.

In early 2010, a GoonSwarm director and leader of Goonfleet named karttoon bored with his position kicked all corporations of GoonSwarm except for the wallet holding corp and holding corp, and transferred the alliance and Goonfleet funds that he had access to, totalling upwards of 150 billion ISK in cash and around 300 billion ISK in assets into his own wallet.

Notable Battles

I1Y May 2009

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