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Eve Online Guide

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Guide:Getting Started

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Just getting started? Welcome to EVE! You will shortly discover (if you have not realized already) that EVE has a huge learning curve. This guide is here to help you overcome this learning curve and help you start your career off on the right foot.


Creating a Character

If you're just starting, you probably want to create a character that will let you get in the action quickly. Unfortunately, if you don't know how to use the EVE character creation you can make a character that will not be good to play for your trial. For more information, including a template to use for your first Main, visit the Character Creation Guide.

Your Tutorial

When you first get in-game, you are led through a tutorial sequence and are then offered a set of tutorial missions. Finish these missions! Not only do they introduce you to EVE's complex interface, they also give you a taste of EVE's many professions. Do not be discouraged if you find some of the missions dull -- your persistence will be rewarded by a standings increase for your faction and an implant agent reward.

Choosing a Profession

After completing your tutorial, you should begin to think about how you want to live your EVE-life. The professions guide will help you think about how you should invest in your future.

Common Newbie Mistakes

I'm pretty new to EVE but I've made some mistakes and hopefully I can help someone avoid one or two of them.

There are several default chat channels you'll see right away. Local - This is your only people in your local system. Typically not a very busy channel. Corp - Your default corp until you join another one. This is a great place to monitor and ask questions. It can be fairly busy but the people are generally friendly and helpful. Rookie Help - Just what it says. Unfortunately it's very busy and can be hard to monitor. I recommend paying close attention to Corp when you can and Local. Ask questions. All of us know how hard it is to get started in Eve so help will be plentiful.
Don't jump out into missions until you have enough gun to handle it. I made this mistake and ended up losing a ship when I was far too poor to absorb the loss. The first several agent missions are easy but you'll notice that the Serpentis ships start getting harder and harder to kill. If they're getting the best of you, just warp back to a station before they take you out. Make repairs, buy ammo and head back out. It's better to just pay for the repairs even if they cost more than you're going to make on the mission. You need the positive standing with your agent.
Search every Serpentis wreck. Another mistake I made. It never occurred to me that they might have something interesting in their cargo hold. Approach the wreck and when you get within 1500 meters, right click the wreck and "Open Cargohold." Transfer anything you see there to your own cargohold. Sometimes things you find in a given mission will be required for the next mission.
Don't fall for the "Can Thief." After you read the Mining Guide you'll know what jetcan mining is. It works well, but there are people that will try to take advantage of you. If you're jetcan mining in secure space and someone takes ore out of your can, their name will flash red in your overview. That means you can fire on them. The "Can Thief" will take ore out of your can to bait you into firing on them. As soon as you do, they'll blast you to dust with a much more powerful ship. As a new player, you won't stand a chance. The can thief is just trying to get a kill on you. You probably don't have any cargo they really want. If someone takes ore out of your can, just let them. It's not worth losing a fight over. If it's a can thief, they'll move on when you don't fall for it and just .
Don't fall for the "Can Flipper." Much more patient and uses more smarts than the can thief. The can thief will take whatever they steal from you, whether or not you aggress him. However, the can flipper will look for a can, drop another can right on top, and place your items in that can so it looks exactly the same. He will blink red so the victim could attack him but that's just what he wants. The can is now owned by the can flipper and if the victim is new to Eve he will probally just carry on placing items in that can. After the victim spends precious time filling the can and decides to start hauling it back to station, he realises that the can is not his. The victim will either accept his losses or try and take the loot back which results in the victim being kill on sight to the can flipper. Can flipper aggresses, victim pops, victim has lost more than he did in the can. An important lesson here: "Learn to cut your losses"
Almost the same as a Can Flipper is the "Bait Can." This is where you'll see a jetcan floating near a belt named something like "Free ORE!" You take one nugget out and then you'll be floating in an egg about 5 seconds later. Again, avoid this trap.


EVE-Online Player Guide: Your First Days in Space

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