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Guristas Strike (10/10) The Final Battle (L3)(Serpentis)

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Mission Briefing

Guristas Strike (10 of 10)
The Final Battle
Mission: Guristas Strike
Mission Type: Storyline
Agent Type: unknown
Offering Faction: varies
Mission Level: 3
Objective 1: Kill
Mission Space: Deadspace
Enemy 1: Serpentis
Steps: 1

Our intelligence team has just informed us of fresh new evidence, which apparently points to the girl being held in a Serpentis stronghold in Vlillirier. According to our sources she is being held in the Central Hub structure of the base, where she will be executed if their demands aren't met. It is our civic duty to see to it that she is returned to her family safely before those despicable Serpentis villains murder her. There is a fundamental flaw with our plan however, the Serpentis are fully aware of our intention to free her and have sent in a fleet of their battleships to guard their outpost. Now I certainly do not expect you to fight against such odds, but I firmly believe you capable of infiltrating their base, rescuing the girl and escaping with your ship, and life, intact.

We have located a series of acceleration gates leading straight to the Central Control Hub. The Serpentis fleet guarding it will be expecting a large force of attackers, which will give you the advantage should you fly in there with a fast, agile ship, to avoid direct confrontation. Once you arrive at the final area, all you have to do is destroy the Central Control Hub and retrieve the girl from the ejected safety capsule, all of their Control Hubs have this mechanism to save their high-ranking personnel from death should the structure be obliterated. We hope that they consider the girl important enough to save in this way as well. If not ... well there is not much other choice. If we send in a fleet of ships they will simply kill her when they realize they have lost. We need to hit them fast and hard, before they know what hit them. That is the only chance we have of getting her out of there alive.

Now, if you do not find the girl alive after destroying the Central Control Hub, then active your warp drive immediately and get out of there! I wouldn't want to lose you needlessly. But rest assured, should you fall then I will personally make sure the pirate scum pay the price. Good luck.

Warp-in Message


Find the Central Control Hub of this Serpentis outpost, in the final room of the complex. Destroy it before the Serpentis fleet guarding it manages to destroy you. Once you fire at the Central Control Hub, the fleet guarding it WILL attack. You have been warned.

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Level 3

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