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Tech 2 Covert Ops
Basic Fitting Information
Powergrid small.png Powergrid 20 MW
CPU small.png CPU 290 tf
High slot icon.png High Slots 2
Medium slot icon.png Medium Slots 5
Low slot icon.png Low Slots 3
Turret hardpoints.png Turrets 2
Launcher hardpoints.png Launchers 0
Rig slot.png Rig Slots 2
See Fitting for more information.
Basic Combat Attributes
Shield icon.png Shield HP 281
Armour icon.png Armour HP 528
Icon max velocity.png Max Velocity 320 m/s


Description & Bonuses

Name: Helios
Hull: Imicus Class
Role: Covert Ops Frigate

Designed for commando and espionage operation, its main strength is the ability to travel unseen through enemy territory and to avoid unfavorable encounters. It is notable among Covert Ops frigates for only having two High Slots, meaning it cannot fit the common loadout of a Cloaking Device, Scan Probe Launcher and (covert) Cynosural Field Generator. The 5m3 drone bay may account for the missing high slot.

Developer: CreoDron

The Helios is Creodron's answer to the Ishukone Buzzard. After the fall of Crielere, the once-cordial relations between the Gallente Federation and the Caldari state deteriorated rapidly and, for a while, it seemed as if war might be brewing. It was seen by certain high-ranking officers within the Gallente Navy as being of vital importance to be able to match the Caldari's cloaking technology in an effort to maintain the balance of power.

Gallente Frigate Skill Bonus:

  • 5% bonus to Small Hybrid Turret damage per level
  • 10% bonus to Scout Drone thermal damage per level

Covert Ops Skill Bonus:

  • -97.5% to -100% reduced CPU need for cloaking device
  • 10% increase to scan strength of probes per level
  • -10% bonus to survey probe flight time per level

Note: can fit covert cynosural field generators



CPU : 290tf
Powergrid : 20MW

Low slots : 3
Med slots : 5
High slots : 2

Launcher hardpoints : 0
Turret hardpoints : 2
Upgrade hardpoints : 2


Structure hit points : 809
Capacity : 175 m3
Drone Capacity : 5 m3
Drone Bandwidth : 5 Mbit/sec
Mass : 1,271,000 kg
Volume : 23,000.0 m3 (2,500.0 m3 packaged)
Inertia Modifier : 3.05

EM Damage Resistance : 0%
Explosive Damage Resistance : 0%
Kinetic Damage Resistance : 0%
Thermal Damage Resistance : 0%


Armor hit points : 528

Armor EM Damage Resistance : 50%
Armor Explosive Damage Resistance : 10%
Armor Kinetic Damage Resistance : 45%
Armor Thermal Damage Resistance : 35%


Shield hit points : 281
Shield recharge time : 625.00 seconds

Shield EM Damage Resistance : 0%
Shield Explosive Damage Resistance : 50%
Shield Kinetic Damage Resistance : 50%
Shield Thermal Damage Resistance : 20%


Capacity : 218
Recharge time : 187.50 sec


Maximum targeting range : 47 km
Maximum locked targets : 6
Scan resolution : 390
Magnetometric sensor strength : 22 points
Signature radius : 49 m


Max velocity : 320 m/sec
Ion propulsion strength : 6 points
Covert Ops Stealth Bomber Cloak module delay: 5.00 sec
Base price : 2,353,068.00 ISK
Tech-1 versions : Imicus
Tech-2 versions : Helios

showinfo : 11172

Skill Requirements

Primary Skill Required

Secondary Skill Required

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