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I1Y May 2009

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The I1Y Battle is what seemed to be KenZoku's big push back into 0.0

KenZoku went through the system putting Goon POS's into re-enforced mode with the support of Executive Outcomes and Blade. but it only took the Goonswarm a day to bring re-enforcements into the area, matching the force of K's main fleet. The following day reports of Goon friendly alliances such as Razor were moving to I1Y to help re-enforce the contested area. In response KenZoku called out for Against All Authorities help, however most of the routes were now blocked by either Goonswarm gate camps or the neutral alliance Brick Squad, stopping most traffic into the connecting 3-F.

Eventually KenZoku was outnumbered and out gunned. Fleet regroups were constantly standing down and waiting, to the eventual loss of KenZoku and The GBC friendly POS's.

The ships that were waiting in I1Y-UU eventually tried to escape in small groups or all alone with little success.

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