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Imperial Republic Of the North

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Imperial Republic of the North [IRON]
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Executor Corporation
Founding Corporation VentureCorp
Founder Destable
Settled Systems
Member Corporations 18
Member Total something like 2000
Date Created 2005/07/05 One of the oldest in EVE
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Alliance Overview

Imperial Republic of the North (IRON) was once a powerful 0.0 Alliance that used to reside in the Fade, Deklein and Pure Blind Regions. They comprised around 18 corporations at their peak, with over 2000 members. They were a founding member and prominent part of the Northern Coalition, until they collapsed in early 2009. Many of the former members joined other NC Alliances such as Morsus Mihi, RAZOR Alliance, Wildly Innapropriate. and Mostly Harmless. The Alliance still exists as a small collection of Corporations most of whom have closed recruitment policies. IRON activity has been very low key of late (circa Mid-2010), and they currently hold 0 Systems.





External Links

  • You can view their forum here.

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