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IT Alliance

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IT Alliance [-IT-]
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Executor Corporation Viborg Odyssey
Founding Corporation Viborg Odyssey
Founder Tercius
Settled Systems PNQY-Y, 8ESL-G, Map C1XD-X, B32-14, SPLE-Y
Member Corporations 14
Member Total 4166
Date Created 30 Oct 2008
Updated: 15 Apr 2009
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Alliance Overview

Months before the launch of CCP's newest expansion, Dominion, IT Alliance was created and began to grow. At its current state, IT is the biggest alliance in the game in terms of territory claimed and members, holding the entire southwestern region and alot of the south. IT is currently engaged in fighting on multiple fronts after Goonswarm's dissolution led to their acquisition of large tracts of the Delve, Period Basis and Querious regions. IT currently hold the majority of four regions, Fountain, Delve, Period Basis and Querious






IT Alliance is made up of mainly ex-Band of Brothers corps and members with the addition of GBC members.

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