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Implant slot

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An implant slot is simply a location in the pilot's head where an implant can be placed.

There are 10 implant slot locations, meaning a pilot is limited to having at most 10 implants. Each type of implant has a specific slot that it uses, and similar implants use similar slots.

Once an implant has been used, the pilot benefits from that implant until either the implant is replaced, or the pilot dies. An implant is replaced by inserting a new implant in the same slot.

Implants become a part of the body. If the pilot is pod-killed, any implants in use are lost (the clone did not have them installed). Jump clones are almost an exception. The clone body does not initially have implants installed. Thus, when 'jumping' to the clone, any implants are left with the original body. Presumably, the clone body can also have implants installed, whereupon the pilot can have a choice of which implants to use, limited only by 24 hour limit on jumping to a new jump clone.

What goes into implant slots

There are two varieties of implants: Attribute implants, and Hardwiring implants. Implants vary in strength. As the bonus they provide increases, the Cybernetics skill required to make use of them increases as well.

Attribute Enhancers

see Implants
  • Slot 1: This frontal cortex region is often host to a wide variety of perception boosting implants. They are known as ocular filters.
  • Slot 2: This slot placement in anterior aspect make the memory implants ideal. They are known as memory augmentations.
  • Slot 3: The efficacy of the willpower implants placed in this slot relies solely on the nearby proximity of the medulla oblongata. They are known as neural boosts.
  • Slot 4: To boost the overall intelligence, this slot supports a delocalized matrix for broad spectrum implants. They are known as cybernetic subprocessors.
  • Slot 5: Located in the speech and emotion centers of the brain, charisma implants also are able to control the release of pheromones, surrounding pilots with an aura of adoration or fear. They are known as social adaptations.

Attribute enhancing implants increase attributes by a certain amount. They are five types of attribute enhancers, from +1 to +5, which obviously refers to how much they increase the relevant attribute.

Skill Hardwires

Skill hardwiring implants improve functionality by reducing or increasing values dealing with ship functionality. Unlike rigs, they have no detrimental effects. A summarized list is below; full details sorted by series name, etc. is available on the Hardwiring page.

  • Slot 6 - small turrets damage (specific), launcher CPU requirements, agility, repair system duration, shield upgrade power requirements, pirate set boosters,
  • Slot 7 - turret falloff, turret track speed, turret cap drain, missile flight time, ship velocity, afterburner duration, cap drain on remote armor repair, shield hitpoints
  • Slot 8 - medium projectile damage, signature radius for missile explosions, afterburner cap drain, cap drain for shield transfer, hull hitpoints
  • Slot 9 - every type of turret damage, every turret's R.O.F., turret optimal range, target velocity for missile strike, micro warp drive cap drain, armor repair hitpoints, shield recharge
  • Slot 10 - large turret damage, missile R.O.F, turret CPU requirements, AB or MWD speed, armor hitpoints, warfare mindlinks, Mining speed

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