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Inertial Stabilizer

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This module will decrease the Inertial Factor of your ship by a percent (or improve the "Agility", depending on the term you prefer). This has a few consequences. It will allow the ship to make the same turns at higher speeds, or make tighter turns without losing speed. Additionally, the ship will accelerate or decelerate much quicker.

Aside from being able to make sharper turns at closer ranges, having a few of these equipped will help a ship align to a target and accelerate faster. Both mean that you can get into Warp much quicker.

The catch is that your signature radius will increase by a small percent, as well. If the purpose of installing the module is to improve your ability to Orbit and evade enemy fire, you may be served better by the Nanofiber Internal Structure module. It is a slightly less effective improvement to the same statistic, but the drawback is only to your Structure HP. You receive a speed bonus as well.


Name Meta Level Inertia Multiplier Signature Radius Penalty
Tech I Inertia Stabilizers I n/a -16.7% 10%
Mark I Modified SS Inertial Stabilizers 1 -17.5% 9.5%
Type-D Altered SS Inertial Stabilizers 2 -18.3% 9%
Beta Hull Mod Inertial Stabilizers 3 -19.2% 8.5%
Local Hull Conversion Inertial Stabilizers I 4 -20.0% 8%
Tech II Inertia Stabilizers II 5 -20.0% 11%


  • Prior to the Revelations expansion, this module reduced the weight of the ship in addition to reducing the Inertial Factor. This meant that the module improved your speed as well as your agility. This was changed post Revelations.

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