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[[State and Region Bank]] 8%
[[State and Region Bank]] 8%
|activity=Manufacture Hi-Tech
|activity=Manufacture Hi-Tech
|partner= [[Caldari Funds Unlimited]]
|partner= Caldari Funds Unlimited
|competitor= [[Nugoeihuvi Corporation]]
|competitor= Nugoeihuvi Corporation

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Kaalakiota Corporation
Ticker KC
Size Huge
Extent Global
Headquarters Nonni III - Moon 1 - Kaalakiota Corporation Factory
Offices 90 in 54 systems
Shares 35200134523
Share Price 81
Share Holders Kaalakiota Corporation 39%

Caldari Funds Unlimited 28%
State and Region Bank 8%

Activity Manufacture Hi-Tech
Partner Caldari Funds Unlimited
Competitor Nugoeihuvi Corporation



The largest of the Caldari mega corporations, the KK, as it is commonly known as, has its fingers in most everything. They are manufacturers, distributors, retailers and researchers, as well as being a formidable voice in Caldari politics. Their great rivals in both business and politics is the Sukuuvestaa Corporation.


Haatakan Oiritsuu


  • Amaari Siainki
    • CFO
Internal Security
  • Skidochi Huorola
    • Commander
  • Mitokka Etsantamaa
    • Market Manager
  • Soukesen Akkadan
    • Assembly Manager
  • Kibayasu Jimmulen
    • Chief Researcher
  • Paakadan Uotadan
    • Chief Operative
Public Relations
  • Niteloho Koirolen
    • Chief Coordinator


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