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Sovereignty Khanid Kingdom
Average Security Level varies
Neighboring Regions Kor-Azor, Querious, Aridia, Tash-Murkon
Pirate Faction Blood Raiders
Khanid is a region near Amarr space, but is ruled by the Khanid Kingdom. Despite not being one of the 'big four', CONCORD still patrols much of it. It has a number of high security constellations, and also a number of low security ones.



The Khanid region is distinguished from other locales by its rich history of individualism and righteous strife. The Khanid Kingdom gained sovereignty more than 300 years ago and its founder, Khanid II still rules. Many of the main regional businesses are controlled by the Kingdom and run by members of the Khanid family.


The current regional culture is vibrant and explosive. There are many citizens within the region that strive to strengthen connections to the Amarr Empire and to make up for what they view as past transgressions against the Amarr empire. In contrast, many of the recent immigrants to the system advocate many of the things that originally drew them; an independent and non-intrusive government, a small and high tech national fighting force, and generous subsidies for businesses, education and welfare. As one might expect, conflict between these two factions has left the discussion rooms of the diplomats and spilled out into the lower security areas of the region where pod-pilots fight for moral, and often military superiority.

This infighting has paved the way for opportunistic groups to gain a foothold in some systems. Pirates and raiding parties are becoming commonplace where once they were merely a cautionary tale. Mining and industrial operations are working continuously in the asteroid belts and at moons. Pollution and the scarcity of resources are rising dramatically as a result, driving up the costs of living for the planetary citizen.

Despite these problems, several radical programs have made strides in bringing these "undesirable" elements into the official governmental fold. Lawless pirates who show great combat prowess have often been assigned vital tasks regarding national security. In this respect, the agents of the Khanid Kingdom are quite forgiving of one's past history. With determination and a dose of humility, a former pirate can rise through the ranks of the Khanid Navy and become a respected officer. Additionally, the Kingdom has issued several lucrative contracts for commonly produced goods, provided that certain environmental measures were met.

While the situation remains in balance within the Kingdom, several problems loom in the horizon. While Khanid II is still recognized as ruler, his failing health mirrors his waning political power. There is serious strife within the royal house, and succession has not yet been determined. A misstep in any direction by the ruling family could tip the scales of the Kingdom and bring chaos.

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