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Legi0n was established 06MAY2004, by Countessa

The corp was once ranked #1 most wanted corp in Eve, and #10 most notorious corp in Eve. *source EON Magazine #001*

Legi0n is primarily a PVP / WAR / Piracy based corporation that have been all over the eve universe. They have lived in Domain/Providence, Syndicate/Solitude, Genesis/Aridia. Legi0n fights just about anyone regardless of them being in any corp or alliance.

Current and Former CEO's: -Countessa -Takashi Hatch -Darqnite -XxKatharsisxX -Samba Mk2 -FlyingSpoonyBadger -Cailean -Shakudo (current)

Interested in joining? goto channel " Join MMIV " ingame for all the details, or contact Darqnite, Cailean, or Shakudo. Offices located in: -KHERAM -AMDONEN -KOMO -MASEERA(HQ) -GONDITSA -MALMA

Alliances: International Blitzkrieg Syndicate Soul Cartel F.E.A.R Alliance Phoenix Supremacy Forces of Evil

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