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Lofty scam

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The Lofty scam (named after its inventor) is a tactic used to trick a (usually new) player into joining a gang, while another player is at war with another player in the gang, making is possible for the victim to be engaged without CONCORD intervention.



The lofty scam is perpetrated as follows:

Assume that:

  • V1 is the victim
  • P2 is the perpetrator
  • P3 is P2's friend
  • P4 is at war with P3

P2 opens a conversation with V1 and asks them if they want to do missions together. V1 accepts the offer and P2 invites them to a fleet. V1 is warped to a safespot where P2 and P4 are waiting. P2 then invites P3 (who can be anywhere) to the gang. Now that P3 is in the gang, all members of the gang are hostile to P4. V1 is warp scrambled by P4 and their ship is ransomed.

The problem

By normal mechanics if player is at war with any other players, a warning message will be displayed before a player is invited to the gang. By having an uninvolved party form the gang the warning is circumvented.


As of the Empyrean Age expansion, the lofty scam is supposed to have been fixed, or as CCP Greyscale put it, "neutered". This will be done by making gang membership have no influence on aggression rules.[1] Whether this will be effective remains to be seen -- particularly given that Empyrean's main thrust is to declare much/all of Empire space a War Zone.


The second Empyrean Age Dev Blog announcement topic post #58 by Greyscale, posted 2008.05.20 14:37:00

Carebear sorrows - Video of the Lofty scam in action, being heavily abused vs. unsuspecting mission runners

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