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Sovereignty Caldari State
Average Security Level 0.80
Neighboring Regions The Citadel, The Forge, Black Rise, Pure Blind, Tribute
Trade Hubs Jita
Pirate Faction Guristas

Lonetrek is one of the busier regions of Empire space, and forms a major industrial centre for the Caldari State. Station services are plentiful, and the majority of the region is 0.5 Security Status or above.

Lonetrek is connected to the Highway at several points, and adjoins The Forge, The Citadel and Pure Blind.



"Our surveys show that there are many planets capable of sustaining life in these systems. However, the lack of a proper stargate network has drastically increased the travel time for our mission. I think it is worth it. I don't trust those Gallente further than I could throw one, and that isn't very far, given their indulgences.

The initial speculation for a fallback position seems to be sustainable, but we have one potential problem. The long-range probes we sent out have been reporting some strange readings. Our science teams think they are reading stargates and an adjoining region, which is disturbing. I do not think it possible that the Gallente have yet moved that far. Until we can confirm these readings and determine who or what these stargates belong to , it would be ill-advised to place ourselves in a position where we have our movement restricted on multiple fronts."

-Minato Zumari, Caldari Navy Commander

Places of Note in Lonetrek

Amsen: New players choosing the Caldari Science and Trade Institute starter corporation begin life here.

Todaki: New players choosing the Caldari School of Applied Knowledge starter corporation begin life here

Nonni: A major centre for player shipbuilding and manufacture.

Aunenen: A notable podkill blackspot on the main route up to Pure Blind and 0.0 space. Aunenen is also a popular spot for Capital Ship pilots to cyno their ships to, as it's low-sec and accessible to them. It is completely surrounded by hi-sec space, which is unusual for a system.

Recently, Aunenen has gained a notoriety for being the place where pirate corps use a Mothership to camp one of the gates, and smartbomb unsuspecting ships.

Adjacent Regions

Constellations in Lonetrek

Corporate headquarters in Lonetrek

Region's Card Game Version

Cost : 5
Income : 3
Locations : 3

When you play a ship, you may pay it's printed price again to have it enter play docked and fully assembled.

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