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Lotka Volterra

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Lotka Volterra [-LV-]
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Executor Corporation None
Founding Corporation Shinra
Founder MrSpock
Settled Systems None
Member Corporations 0
Member Total 0
Date Created 18 December 2005
Updated: 1 Jan 2007
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Alliance Overview

Lotka Volterra ( was an Alliance started by Shinra, M. Corp and UKC in 2006 (108).

Once the leader of the "Southern Coalition", which consisted of themselves, Knights Of The Southerncross, and Veristas Immortalis, Lotka Volterra no longer exists. After a war with Red Alliance, Tau Ceti Federation and GoonSwarm, Lotka Volterra was reduced to holding sovereignty over no systems or stations. M. Corp, Shinra and UK Corp left to do other things in March 2006, with the majority of Shinra joining Reikoku (Band of Brothers).

In May 2007, the alliance name "Lotka Volterra" was deregistered due to nonpayment of alliance fees and was picked up by a member of GoonSwarm. The current Lotka Volterra has no relation to the one mentioned in this article. All the remaining member corps of LV have since joined other alliances.

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