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Introduction: EVE-Online Wiki

Hi all and welcome to the EVE-Online Wiki! What the heck is a wiki? What is EVE-Online?

This is the new server if you have any troubles contact PreTender ingame.

The Mission:

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Welcome to EVEwiki

The mission at the EVE Wiki project is:

  • To create a vital resource for the EVE gaming community,
  • To provide a much needed coherence and centralization to all the EVE-info out on the web, and
  • To foster a thriving community of EVEwiki members.

Getting Started:

  • NEW: To edit or otherwise modify EVE-Wiki, you must register a user-name and login prior to editing. This change was made recently in response to spamming problems.
  • IMPORTANT: Please read through the EVEWiki House Rules before posting, which specify a few simple stipulations and clauses.
  • If you are going to edit or create articles, please read the EVEWiki Conventions page which details the general editing guidelines and policies instituted by the EVEWiki administration and editor community.
  • Looking to contribute but don't know what to do? Check out the editor resources page for a one-stop editing launch pad. Current project direction, pages needing work, guidelines, help, and more!
  • If you are unfamiliar with wikis, head on over here where I've ripped a few pages from the ever so helpful MediaWiki User's Guide. Thanks mates!
  • After that, set yourself up an account by registering in the upper right corner. This is not necessary but is recommended for use of advanced and extremely cool features.
  • For a little messing around; entertain yourself in The Sandbox.
  • To quickly start a new page type it's address in your web browser. For example browsing to "" will take yout to page titled "My New Wiki Page". Just start editing it by clicking Edit on top of it.


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