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Making Mountains of Molehills (9 of 10)

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Making Mountains of Molehills (9 of 10)
Mission: Making Mountains of Molehills
Mission Type: Tutorial
Agent Type: Event
Offering Faction: Minmatar Republic
Gallente Federation
Caldari State
Amarr Empire
Mission Level: 1
Objective 1: Kill
Mission Space: Deadspace
Previous part: Making Mountains of Molehills (8 of 10)
Next part: Making Mountains of Molehills (10 of 10)

Part of the missions introducing industrial characters to elements of play.

Note: The Apocrypha expansion changed the rewards on this mission. See the summary at Making Mountains of Molehills

The Minmatar version of this mission has Kernite asteroids. You may want to forgo the time bonus and simply mine out the asteroid field.

Mission Lead-in

Minmatar version

We have a problem.
What now?
mission briefing
Accept - As you know, I am not a warrior. But I will do this for the good of the Republic.
Superb! Carry on.

Mission Briefing

Minmatar version

It seems that one of my production assistants was actually a spy for Amarr. Turns out he's the one who gave the Angels information about our holdings earlier. Damn me for a fool! How did I not see it?!

Anyway, this "assistant" has taken refuge with an Angel pirate, after feeding him information about one of our secret mining fields. I need you to draw this thief out. I know you're a highly trained pilot, as you proved against the Angels earlier, so you ought to undertake this task as well.

My plan is this: You'll act as a decoy, mining until the enemy turns up, at which point you'll destroy him and his ship. Kill him and bring the spy back to me. You may keep whatever ore you find out there. Refine it for yourself, sell it, do as you like.

Amarr version

Heh. Whoops. It turns out that those pirates from earlier were simply brought in by corrupt production assistants, people I trusted but now seem to have turned against me and my operations. I swear, you kill a few of these people and they just lose all faith in you.

The assistants have taken refuge with the pirates, so I need you to bring them out. You'll act as a decoy, mining an asteroid until the critter turns up, at which point you'll kill them, and bring back those traitorous production assistants. Oh, and keep whatever ore you find. See what a good soul I am?

Overview and Objectives

The following objective must be completed to finish the mission:

Bring item objective

Acquire these goods:


Fly to the objective location, mine some ore and destroy the pirates that show up.:

  • location: Agent's system


The following rewards and bonuses will be yours if you complete this mission:

  • one unit of (faction dependent ship blueprint) (5 run, copy, material level 5, productivity level 2)
Minmatar Amarr Gallente Caldari
Burst Tormentor Navitas Bantam
  • Time Bonus: 22,000 isk if within 1 hour and 14 minutes

Standing changes

  • Agent: 1.8217
  • Agent's Corporation: 0.1041

Encounter Notes

After you have mined for a while, a single NPC pirate ship comes to pester you.

Minmatar Amarr Gallente Caldari
Gistii Hijacker

When the ship is destroyed, it will eject a cargo container with the Production Assistant inside. For the sake of humanity, pull him into your carohold, and return (at some point) to your agent.


The blueprint is almost pure gravy. You've already got one of those ships. But hold onto this until you see the next mission the agent assigns you...

The Kernite asteroids found in (at least) the minmatar version are valuable enough that you may wish to avoid completing the quest until you've mined out the field. Once you turn the mission in, the field despawns. It also despawns when you go back the next day after capturing the production assistant. There are around 6000 units of Kernite ore, which sold for 600,000 ISK, and half again that on auction. After refining, it sold for slightly less, and less still on auction. However these provide most of the materials to build starships from the blueprint you got as a reward.

Mission Followup

Completion - The pirate's dead. And the spy is here.
Praise the government! Well done! And now, I'm sad to say, I have just one more task for you. Come back when you are ready.
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