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Sovereignty Minmatar Republic
Average Security Level high



Factions: Minmatar Republic (Total)

Alliances: N/A - Empire Space

Constellations: 23


It has long been an established fact of civilization that wherever a seat of government lies, then so will a concentration of its subjects, the better to fuel the halls of bureaucracy. In this, the Republic has been no exception and in locating their parliament and Justice Department in the Gedulf constellation, they guaranteed a huge population influx. This population needs supporting, and so some of the largest Matari corporations also have their head offices here, making the region bustle with activity, not unlike a large Metropolis.

Adjacent Regions

Constellations in Metropolis

NPC corporate headquarters

Notable features

With 23 constellations, Metropolis is a very large region. It includes several nearly self-contained constellations, each maintaining only single links to the rest of the universe.

Region's Card Game Version

Cost : 2
Income : 1
Locations : 2

Enemy ships cannot warp into your home region.
An opponent may pay you 4 ISK for each ship you control in this region: Negate the effect of Metropolis until end of turn.

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