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Mordu's Legion Command

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This page is about the Faction. For the race, see Intaki. For the Corporation, see Mordu’s Legion.

The origin of Mordu's Legion lies in the Gallente-Caldari War when a group of Intaki military personnel sided with the Caldari. The Intakis were put into a separate unit with a Caldari officer named Mordu. After the war the Intakis settled in Caldari space, but unwillingly became entangled with Caldari locals in the Waschi Uprising. Mordu’s Legion was formed at that time as a mercenary fighting force and after the uprising it continued in existence. The Legion is loosely associated with the Caldari Navy, but are in most part totally independent. Mordu's Legion is commonly hired by companies to protect valuable assets outside empire space, for instance Outer Ring Excavations pays them handsomly to patrol the Outer Ring region.


[One Caldari ideological conflict] was the Waschi Uprising, which took place a few decades ago in the Kamokor system. Then, a few radical Caldari attacked settlements of Intakis in the system and proclaimed that the Caldari State was solely for people of Caldari origin. The Caldari authority, as ever fearful that their finely woven social tapestry of corporatism would be torn asunder, sent in their best military units to quell the uprising before it could spread any further.

The Intakis are truly a diaspora race, with settlements relatively deep within Caldari space. Note that although innocents were killed, the Caldari authorities and military did pledge substantial support for the Intaki people.

When the Caldari broke from the Gallente Federation many Intakis that sympathized with their cause were exiled from the Federation. The most militant of those went over to the Caldari and asked to join them in their fight against the Federation. These were all experienced military personnel and thus very valuable in the early stages of the war when veterans were few and far between. The Intakis were all put into a separate squadron, with a Caldari officer. His name was Muryia Mordu. Mordu was a brilliant young officer and one of the more open-minded Caldari, who generally are extremely xenophobic. He immediately took to the Intakis and they to him and together they formed one of the more revered fighting units in the Caldari Navy during the war with the Federation.

After the war ended the Intakis were offered cheap land and accommodations in Waschi City on the planet of Kamokor IV. For awhile the Intakis lived peacefully, slowly becoming part of the Waschi community. Yet the presence of the Intakis caused tension in the city and slowly radicals, feeding on the xenophobic tendencies of the Caldari, gained strength. In the end the radicals gained majority in the city and began seriously harassing the Intakis. When Caldari authorities tried to put an end to this the uprising started in earnest, with the radicals and their supporters demanding the exportation of all foreigners and the closure of the borders. The Intakis were driven out and, in desperation, they called on their old commander Mordu to help them defend themselves and get back what was rightfully theirs. Mordu, now retired, agreed to assist. The catch was that Mordu and the Intakis were no longer part of the Caldari Navy. Not deterred by this small fact, the group formed an independent mercenary corps to fight the radicals. This was the inception of Mordu’s Legion.

Likelihood of a mixture of public support and condemnation for the Caldari people and state. Many may cite the previously successful fight by the Caldari against the Federation as a sufficient justification for a call to arms for Intakis against the Gallente. Probable expectation by many that Caldari military partisans (especially Mordu's Legion) should be willing to lend support either overtly or tacitly to attempts to secure Intaki autonomy. Possibility that there are Intaki militants who seek a messianic return of Mordu to deliver the Intaki people from their fate. Still others will view the Caldari with contempt based on the actions of these radicals, viewing Intakis as truly alone in their struggle.

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