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Nanofiber Internal Structure

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The Nanofiber Internal Structure module increases the maximum speed of your ship while simultaneously improving the agility. In effect, the ship flies faster, while also turning and accelerating/decelerating quicker.

The speed increase is about 20% less effective than the Overdrive Injector, and the agility boost is about 20% less effective than the Inertial Stabilizer. If one effect of the Nanofiber Internal Structure module is desired, yet a player doesn't mind the loss of 20% of the effect, the player may install this module instead to receive the other effect. Especially for players who dislike the cargohold decrease penalty of the Overdrive Injector, the Nanofiber Structure is a decent alternative.


Name Meta Level Max Velocity Bonus Agility Bonus Structure Penalty
Tech I Nanofiber Internal Structure I n/a 7.85% 13.1% -15%
Mark I Modified SS Nanofiber Structure 1 8.1% 14.0% -15%
Type-D Altered SS Nanofiber Structure 2 8.35% 14.4% -15%
Beta Hull Mod Nanofiber Structure 3 8.6% 15.5% -15%
Local Hull Conversion Nanofiber Structure I 4 8.9% 15.8% -15%
Tech II Nanofiber Internal Structure II 5 9.4% 15.8% -20%
Storyline Synthetic Hull Conversion Nanofiber Structure I 6 8.6% 15.8% -10%
Faction Domination Nanofiber Structure 8 9.4% 15.8% -15%
Republic Fleet Nanofiber Structure 8 9.4% 15.8% -15%


  • Prior to the Revelations expansion, this module gave a flat increase to your base speed, while improving the agility by a percent.
  • A patch released soon after the Revelations expansion release changed this to a weight decrease, which had a similar effect subject to the Stacking Penalty. It was also changed so the speed increase could only be reaped by engaging a speed module (Afterburner or MWD). The latter change was largely ineffectual, due to the fact that players usually wanted to always run their speed modules when Speed tanking.
  • The Quantum Rise expansion changed the module again to a form similar to its first form. However, the power was greatly reduced, and the module is still subject to the Stacking Penalty.
  • The Nanofiber Internal Structure used to be a key module in creating a ship that could Speed Tank. For this reason, such Speed Tanking ships were dubbed "Nanoships".

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